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SLAVE Drops “Gliding” Off ‘Transformation’ LP

All your worries are about to melt away with "Gliding," a beautiful, melodic bass track by SLAVE off his forthcoming LP, Transformation.

Ahee Blasts Listeners Off to Space with ‘Future Escape’ EP

Let Ahee take you to a new universe with his latest release, Future Escape, an eight-track EP featuring some out of this world collaborations.

Dark Velvet Delivers Bass Heavy Tune “CHE”

If you've been in need of a new bass track to fill your ears and consume your mind then Dark Velvet is here to deliver with "CHE."

Common Creation Drops ‘Gold Soul Galaxy’

Common Creation perfectly blends funk and bass music elements together with the release of Gold Soul Galaxy, out now for your listening pleasure.

Ivy Lab Releases ‘Teacup’ the Second Chapter of Their EP Series

Get ready to have your winter blues melted away with the Teacup EP as Ivy Lab releases the second chapter of their three-part series.

DropTalk Drops ‘Shallow Grave’ EP on Mean Mug Music

DropTalk shows the world what the underground bass scene is all about with the Shallow Grave EP. Make sure you turn this one up real loud!

Kumarion Drops Eight Hot Remixes of “Want It”

Eight artists have put their own unique twist on "Want It" by Kumarion that span genres ranging from house to drum and bass.

Petit Biscuit Jumps From New Heights on ‘Parachute’

Parachute is an emotional journey from start to finish and Petit Biscuit will have you "Hanging On" to every second of its runtime.

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