Mission Statement

EDM Identity strives to provide quality content about electronic dance music and the culture that surrounds it in the US and abroad. This is established by keeping up with and reporting on the happenings in our community while simultaneously promoting companies and artists on the rise. EDM Identity also provides the unique opportunity of giving fans that make up our scene a platform to express themselves and showcase their own involvement in the community.

Site History

EDM Identity is the brainchild of Grant Gilmore and Drew Utterback. Both of these fans of electronic dance music were disappointed in the lack of quality reporting and content centered on the community. Officially launched in October of 2014, EDM Identity and its staff began their mission to change the way that online media could be perceived by the readers. Ignoring content that is normally seen as “click-bait”, EDM Identity gives you quality news, editorials, and interviews instead.

Currently, the site has team members and correspondents reaching across North America, all of whom are dedicated to this community. The EDM Identity team also prides themselves on supporting all aspects of the electronic music community, with coverage expanding to different festivals, events, and shows every month. Their weekly segment, ID Spotlight, highlights members of every corner of the EDM community and helps people realize that the entire world has come together to enjoy similar sounds coming out of their speakers.

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