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Category: New Releases

Big Wild’s Hit Track “Empty Room” Gets A Full Remix Package!

Big Wild’s hit song off his Invincible EP, “Empty Room” feat. Yuna gets some amazing remixes! Big Wild continues the onslaught of new music released. This time it comes in the form of a fantastic remix EP. Big Wild let four very talented producers take a stab at his song with Yuna, ‘Empty Room.’ Each producer brings their production style and flavor to this already beautiful track. The EP begins with a remix from Elderbrook. The UK producer mixes his percussion filled production with the original vocals on the song. Further, he adds deep basslines that are similar to ones...

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Illenium Amazes Yet Again With “Sound Of Walking Away”!

Just when you thought Illenium couldn’t get any better, today he released another beautiful, emotionally charged single “Sound of Walking Away.” One of the most-loved rising stars of dance music gave us a nice little treat this Monday morning. Illenium released his newest single, “Sound of Walking Away,” featuring the beautiful vocals of Kerli and a bass drop signature of Illenium’s style. The gentle guitar lead-in is quickly joined by Kerli’s vocals, building into an uplifting, melodic drop. The track tells the heartfelt story of leaving the person you love after being mistreated again and again. While sad, the song gives off...

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Album Review || A State Of Trance 2017

The A State Of Trance 2017 Compilation has officially hit the airwaves and it comes packed with tracks from the most celebrated and genius talent in dance music, driving the trance genre into its next brilliant chapter!  A State Of Trance is a feeling. A spiritual awakening of the soul, driven by a glorious melody and driving beat. As human beings, we are all searching for that one thing that will release our energy, that one thing that drives our energy, a type of energy that speaks to us from a place that we simply can’t describe in words. A...

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Wax Motif Drops “Used 2 Be” With Stunning Music Video!

Fans of Wax Motif rejoice, a new track with music video has been dropped for your listening pleasure, “Used 2 Be”! Coming from a background full of influences ranging from R&B to UK Bass, Wax Motif has stunned us once again with a fresh track. Featuring an infectious chorus and beat alongside vocals from Houston-based rapper Jevon Doe, “Used 2 Be” is out not on HITS HARD. The upbeat track gets listeners moving and grooving, and we can already tell that this tune will be hitting the airwaves in clubs and at festivals quickly. Released with the single is...

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Boombox Cartel Deliver Versatile Debut EP, ‘Cartel’!

Boombox Cartel showcase their undisputed talent on their Cartel EP. Boombox Cartel is a duo that consists of Jorge and Americo who began their DJ careers in Mexico and have since expanded internationally and have played at just about every major festival. They just concluded an electrifying set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and have now delivered a standout debut EP titled Cartel! Check out our interview with Americo of Boombox Cartel, HERE! It’s no question that these guys are seriously talented. This new body of work, the Cartel EP, bolsters that fact. The five-track EP is crafted beautifully from...

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Dreamstate Grows With Its First Official Compilation!

It’s no surprise that the Dreamstate brand has taken hold in the US as Trance clamors forward in the hearts of new and old fans of dance music. Dreamstate is Insomniac Events exploding dedicated Trance brand, and after two primary events in Southern California, satellite events in the UK, San Francisco, Australia, hosted stages at other Insomniac festivals, and numerous clubs in places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, its time to lay down some branded content in the world’s sphere of music. Enter the legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold, who helped the genre grow into worldwide recognition in the...

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