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Category: New Releases

David Thulin & Euphoric Nation Team Up On “Destiny”

“Close your eyes, we’ll chase new heights. Let it go, it feels so right. Take my hand, we’ll dance all night. ‘Cause it’s our destiny”! In life, we are all searching to unveil the truth about our destiny. A driving factor in the decisions we make and the catalyst for self-exploration and discovery. For electronic dance music artists David Thulin and Euphoric Nation, “Destiny” has come to call. Joining the ranks among the musical pioneers and creative visionaries who call OHM Music home, pop dance music extraordinaire David Thulin and Trance Paradise’s Euphoric Nation, have teamed up once again to deliver...

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A Look Inside ‘Z3R0 H0U2’ With Gridlok [Interview]

Get you fix for some fresh Drum & Bass with Gridlok’s latest album Z3R0 H0U2! Gridlok‘s career spans nearly two decades and has been full of releases that push the boundaries of the Drum & Bass scene including his most recent, Z3R0 H0U2. Considered one of the pioneers of the Drum & Bass sound, he is beloved by the genre’s faithful followers and gained massive amounts of respect from others in the community. He doubles not just as an artist, but also the owner of Project 51 Recordings, his own label that has curated some top DnB tunes too. Of course,...

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Eric Prydz Announces New Imprint, Pryda Presents!

As if Eric Prydz hasn’t been up to enough lately, he has now launched another imprint for the Pryda Faithful around the world. Announced just today, Eric Prydz has set off on yet another venture in the electronic music world, Pryda Presents. While he already operates the imprints Pryda, Pryda Friends, and Mouseville, this new imprint will allow Prydz to give us even more music that fans so desperately want. The first release on the new Pryda Presents imprint is set to be Cristoph’s track “Feel” which was announced in the return of EPIC Radio. In fact, the episode debuted loads...

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Ruben de Ronde, Rodg, & Ørjan Nilsen Deliver Gold On “Booya”

Pop quiz time! What do you get when you put three of the greatest DJ/producers in the studio together? For Ruben de Ronde, Rodg, and Ørjan Nilsen, the answer to that question comes in the form of a power packed main stage stunner called “Booya”! With an incredible collaboration in the works, it was only a matter of time before their track would find its way out among the masses. Choosing the right moment would be key as a collaboration of this caliber deserves nothing less than a momentous juncture for the grand reveal. The chosen event could not...

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Dakota Teases New Track And Trailer For ‘The Nine Skies’

In one week, Dakota and the wildly anticipated ‘The Nine Skies’ Project will be unleashed on the grand stage of Dreamstate San Francisco and he has a brand new track to get you in the mood! Dakota fans are finally getting what they have been waiting for come May 27, when Markus Schulz will hit the stage at Dreamstate San Francisco bringing The Nine Skies concept to fruition at what has become a trance fanatics glorious getaway, held at the Bill Graham Civic Center. In honor of the upcoming event which will host Markus Schulz’ brand new tour concept...

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Shane 54 Releases New Track, “First Time” With Remixes!

 This isn’t his first time and it won’t be his last as Shane 54 is back and better than ever with his second solo release, “First Time”!  It began with “Paradise”. His first solo single since leaving the Hungarian DJ/Producer duo that was Myon & Shane 54. After the track was received with praise and open arms by all of Shane 54’s adoring fans, we would all sit back and patiently wait to hear what he would come up with next. Well, the wait is over because today, Shane 54’s second solo single, “First Time” has officially been released! Just...

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