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Category: Album Review

Album Review || Solarstone – .—-

Solarstone is one of those strange artistic enigmas that continues to define trends rather than follow them. For his latest artist album, .—-, he brings the unexpected. When Pure becomes One… For those who don’t know him well yet — Solarstone is the man behind Pure, Pure Trance, and its corresponding Trance movement. He is no stranger to trying new things while retaining a signature style.  He’s a man who’s always maintained a joy in producing Trance while still pushing boundaries of his artistic style.  When he announced his new album, the buzz grew out of exactly what it...

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Album Review || A State Of Trance 2017

The A State Of Trance 2017 Compilation has officially hit the airwaves and it comes packed with tracks from the most celebrated and genius talent in dance music, driving the trance genre into its next brilliant chapter!  A State Of Trance is a feeling. A spiritual awakening of the soul, driven by a glorious melody and driving beat. As human beings, we are all searching for that one thing that will release our energy, that one thing that drives our energy, a type of energy that speaks to us from a place that we simply can’t describe in words. A...

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Album Review || Ghost In The Shell (Music Inspired by the Motion Picture)

Syncing To The Network, a Ghost In The Shell Soundtrack Review! Get your robotically enhanced ears ready and sit down, because we are about to sync to the network as we dive into the music inspired by Ghost In The Shell. This 39-minute album inspired by Paramount sci-fi action movie was just released, starring Scarlet Johansen as Major, a first of her kind bio-mechanized weapon designed to keep the peace in a world torn by cyber terrorism. It would seem the studio meant for this album to be just as jammed packed with action seeing as they STACKED these artist features. This soundtrack has a plethora of...

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Album Review || Gaiser – III

Jon Gaiser returns with full-length album III, boasting a slew of tracks that are nothing short of ridiculously addicting! Long time MINUS artist Jon Gaiser, or Gaiser, for all of us techno lovers, is back with his third studio album on Richie Hawtin’s influential and taste making techno label. Simply entitled III, the full-length album is officially out, after a tease in the form of Gaiser’s single release “On The Way“, which includes an exclusive remix by Dubfire! Gaiser ‘III’ is available on multiple outlets. Just click here! Label boss Richie Hawtin interviewed Gaiser about ‘III’! Click here for the first part of...

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Album Review || Max Graham – Cycles 8

After a year of preparations and grueling hours inside the studio, the much-awaited Cycles 8 is ready for lift off! Since the Cycles 7 debut almost a year ago, Max Graham fans all over the planet have been patiently waiting for the next chapter of the Cycles series. Well, the wait is over. Trance legend Max Graham is proud to announce that another journey has begun. And that journey has been appropriately titled Cycles 8! This Mixcomp has it all. From artists who have previously graced earlier Cycles track lists to music makers making their Cycles mark for the very first...

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