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Author: Sebastian Rusu

Neptune Project Populus OTC || Event Review

Neptune Project: The template for up and coming DJs I’ve already featured Neptune Project in a couple of my show reviews. However, this marks the first time where they’re the focus of the article. I’ve been waiting for a chance like this to dig deep and give a better representation as to why I think they’re among the best trance DJs of our times. Neptune Project got their big break quite early on in their careers. Their track Aztec was played numerous times on A State Of Trance radio show in 2009. Armin played it in all his live sets for six...

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Open Up 200 @ Brooklyn Warehouse || Event Review

Simon Patterson and John Askew have been around the trance scene for a combined 30+ years. Anyone who’s a fan of the darker, grittier, more underground sounds and is not familiar with them at this point is probably living under a rock. Since entering the scene, both artists have changed and evolved not only as producers but also as DJs. However, throughout their entire careers, there has been one constant, both have taken their fans on unforgettable musical experiences! Simon took the industry by storm in the later part of the 2000s by producing high-octane, yet very melodic tech-trance....

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5 Trance Artists To Watch In 2017

Check out some trance artists to watch in 2017, hand selected by members of the EDM Identity Team! As we enter into the new year, it is time to also begin exploring some new artists that are set to make their mark on the electronic music scene! Usually, when a new year begins or one ends you’ll see lists of artists to watch that are new and on the rise. This is a great way to learn about new acts and fresh talent, but it also has it’s fair share of problems too. Many of these genres have been...

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Mark Sherry #OutburstMontreal || Event Review

Mark Sherry is a name that’s synonymous with quality trance for over a decade. At a time when many trance artists felt compelled to explore more commercial avenues, Mark Sherry has steadied the ship and is reaping the rewards by being the leading figure of the tech-trance genre. And by that, I mean back to the roots techno and trance. The type of music that feels gritty and raw. Music that has drive and energy on the dance floor. And that is not afraid to take chances. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a resurgence of shows that...

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Dreamstate SoCal 2016 || Sebastian’s Introspective

Dreamstate: A word that might mean quite a lot of things to different people. Ecstasy, euphoria, an outer space journey, a trip down memory lane, being put in a state of trance. The list can go on and on. To help give you some context, I’ll try my best to explain what I think the word Dreamstate represents by reviewing’s Insomniac’s latest trance only festival: Dreamstate San Bernardino!

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