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Category: Featured Interview

Featured Interview || Ruthless

Legendary Hard Dance Artist Ruthless Talks Hardstyle, EDC Las Vegas, & More! Ruthless has been a producer and DJ for over 20 years in the harder styles of music. Starting as a DJ playing hardcore, he has evolved to become a major influencer in the jumpstyle and hardstyle scene. Ruthless has played at a number of major clubs and festivals, including Qlimax, Defqon.1, Tomorrowland and most recently, EDC Las Vegas 2017. We were able to catch up with him after he played for the first time at EDC to talk about the growth of hardstyle in the US, how...

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Featured Interview || Klangstof

Koen of Klangstof elaborates on his plans for the rest of the year, what it was like to be the first Dutch band to ever play at Coachella, and how his hobby became a full-fledged album! Although relatively new, indie-rock band Klangstof is definitely a band to know. Koen van de Wardt is a self-taught musician and producer from Norway who essentially decided to make some songs for fun and ended up with a record deal and a killer album. After moving to Amsterdam, he was joined by bandmates Wannes Salome, Jun Christian Villaneuva, and Jobo Engh, where they released their...

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Featured Interview || Frankie Bones

Frankie Bones Talks Vinyl, Techno, New York Scene, & More! When you talk about the rave scene, there are a few names that constantly get brought up as true legends. These are the ravers and artists who were the original movers and shakers of the scene, the architects of what is now the rave community, and they are revered for their massive contributions to this day. Whether they were the first to throw parties in their city, the early adopters of new beats that laid the groundwork for genres to come, or created a mantra that the community should live...

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Featured Interview || Binary Finary

Member of Binary Finary, Stuart Matheson, discusses the evolution of trance, the pressure of the music industry, “1998”, and more! Trance is one of the most powerful genres in the electronic world. It has the power to capture the attention of listeners, build them up with powerful melodies and break them down into tears. Overall, trance is about the journey. Trance has been around since the late 80s and continues to grow both artistically and in the size of its connoisseurs. Binary Finary is one of the earliest trance groups to have graced the decks. The group came about...

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Featured Interview || Solarstone

Solarstone dives into his new album, Dreamstate as a brand, DRM, and his favorite foods! Richard Mowatt is no newcomer to Trance. Better known as Solarstone, Rich has been in it since the beginning when Solarstone was a 3 person group. As the sole heir to the alias today, he’s maintained a strict quality level most artists may find difficult.  he’s seen the rise of electronic music as a whole, stuck with Trance, and grew in his own way.  Having played around the world and spread the #ILikeItPure and #KeepItPure hashtags, a direct result of his resurgent style known...

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Featured Interview || Herobust

Herobust Talks Middlelands, Holy Ship!, & More! Hayden Kramer, aka Herobust, hails from Atlanta, Georgia, a city that is famed for its rich history and capital for hip-hop, R&B, and even gospel. Beyond that, it is the city that many people claim as the birthplace of trap music, so it’s no wonder that his stage persona is widely hailed as a ‘trap god.’ A friend of mine first showed me Herobust’s SoundCloud account a few years ago and as I listened to the only phrase that came to mind what just how filthy the drops and sound were. His music was a totally unique...

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