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MLA Q&A || Vincent

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” People around the world have repeated these words countless times, yet they ring true for a certain producer... Vincent. 
DJ Craze

MLA Q&A || DJ Craze

Three-time DMC World DJ Champion DJ Craze headlined last week’s SUBstance Wednesday at Foundation Nightclub in Seattle. He was...
Futuristic Polar Bears

MLA Q&A || Futuristic Polar Bears

The Futuristic Polar Bears have had an incredible few years. They're well known for their addicting progressive house sounds...
Sacha Robotti

MLA Q&A || Sacha Robotti

Sacha Robotti is not your average, run of the mill DJ. Hailing from Belgium he has been involved with music...

MLA Q&A || Throttle

Throttle is an up and coming electronic artist with big beats. He is currently touring with Oliver Heldens and...
Tom Swoon

MLA Q&A || Tom Swoon

Tom Swoon is no stranger to great tracks, I have personally been following him since I heard his remix...
Madeaux At Bang Bang

MLA Q&A || Madeaux

Madeaux caught my eye as soon as I watched a clip from a melodic set he played on Instagram....

MLA Q&A || AutoErotique

AutoErotique's creative club house bass lines are sure to bring the vibe to any show. Having just played two shows...

MLA Q&A || Third Party

Hailing from the Essex in the United Kingdom, Third Party is a duo comprised of Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass. Wooing...

MLA Q&A || Lost Kings

Soon to play the Halfway to EDC Party at Marquee in Las Vegas and Crush Dallas is the DJ...