Lisa-sun Nguyen

Music continues to play a big part of Lisa's life. Through the power of electronic music, she recognizes the importance of community in today's music scene. She enjoys not only listen to all types of music but interested in being active in the music community in hopes of promoting more positivity, acceptance, and great music.
Gareth Emery Laserface Dreamstate SoCal 2018

Gareth Emery’s Laserface Returns to New York!

Gareth Emery and Anthony Garcia are heading back to the Big Apple for another jaw-dropping edition of Laserface featuring special guests and more!
David Gravell at Dreamstate Vancouver 2019

David Gravell Talks Social Media, Mental Health, & Dreamstate Vancouver

David Gravell opens up to us about the struggles of a traveling artist, his approach to social media, goals for 2019, and more!
Super8 & Tab

Super8 & Tab Talk ‘Past, Present & Future’, Social Media, & More!

Super8 & Tab open up to us about their experience with social media, recently released compilation Past, Present & Future, and more at Dreamstate Vancouver.
Front of House Wife Emma Montalvo

Get to Know Front of House Wife Founder Emma Montalvo

From working behind the scenes with Seven Lions to designing clothes for badass babes with new brand Front of House Wife, Emma Montalvo is making her mark on the industry.
Dreamstate Vancouver 2019

Dreamstate Vancouver Brought Powerful Trance Sets But Has Room For Improvement

The debut edition of Dreamstate Vancouver brought amazing trance vibes and kept the spirit of unity but left more to be desired in its execution.
Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2019 David Gravell Dreamstate Stage

Dreamstate Vancouver 2019 Set Times, Event Info, & More!

Prepare yourself for the debut edition of Dreamstate Vancouver with essential information including the set times, prohibited items, and more!

Four Sightseeing Activities That Will Enhance Your Vancouver Experience

Maximize your trip to Vancouver by checking out these hot spots full of picturesque views and historical landmarks. 
Dreamstate Insomniac

Five Artists You’ll Want to See at Dreamstate Vancouver 2019!

Take a break to read Lisa's top artist picks for Dreamstate Vancouver 2019 and why you'll want to see them at the inaugural event.

Koven Talk RAMPAGE, Their Production Process, Upcoming Album, & More!

Koven stopped by to chat about how they're preparing for an epic b2b2b2b set at RAMPAGE, their first artist album, and more. Check it out inside!

Dreamstate Vancouver Wows Dreamers with Debut Lineup

The debut edition of Dreamstate Vancouver is set to feature artists like John O'Callaghan, Richard Durand, HALIENE, and more! Will you be making your way there this April?