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Turn Back the Clock to 2015 with Madeon’s Debut Album ‘Adventure’

In celebration of his latest release, “All My Friends”, we wanted to throw it back to 2015 and take a look at the debut album from Madeon, 'Adventure'!

sumthin sumthin Releases New Single, “Vivid”

sumthin sumthin delivers a fresh release full of glitchy percussion textures and a chunky bassline on his latest single, "Vivid".

sumthin sumthin Drops the “Gryme” on Jadū Dala

“Gryme” is Jadū Dala’s 115th release and while maintaining his trap influence, sumthin sumthin complements the track with his unique dub flavor.

Take it Back to 2012 with Hucci’s ‘Novacane’ EP

Turn back the clock and feel the heaviness of Hucci's EP Novacane that was released back in 2012! 

MorFlo Records Debuts Bass Heavy Compilation Album, ‘Alchemy’

MorFlo Records' compilation 'Alchemy' is chock-full of churning bass lines and crushing sound design, appealing to seasoned bass music fans and newcomers alike. 

Medasin Goes Underwater with New Single “Mr. Skitters”

Medasin takes us through an underwater dreamscape in his first release of 2019, "Mr. Skitters". Stream the new release inside!

Five Bass Artists to Watch in 2019

Like bass in your face? Get a dose of some wubs and wobbles with these five artists to watch in 2019, including Whipped Cream, episcool, & more!

CharlestheFirst Tells a Story Through Atmospheric Bass Album, ‘The Ascent’

Charles Elias Ingalls, more commonly known as left-field bass music producer CharlestheFirst, released his second full-length album, The Ascent last week. Over the last several years, the Lake Tahoe based producer has steadily cemented his position as a pioneer of modern bass music.

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