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Altus Festival 2020

Altus Festival Reveals Fiery Phase Two Lineup for March 2020 Event

House and techno legends Lee Burridge and Derrick Carter join the ranks of the inaugural Altus Festival alongside Bonobo, Justin Martin, and more!
SnowGlobe 2019

Magic Was Found in Abundance at Another Whimsical SnowGlobe

After attending my sixth SnowGlobe and reflecting on my experience it's clear that the magic of the festival is in the moments shared with others.
SnowGlobe 2019 - Skrillex

My Return to SnowGlobe Was an Absolute Success

Not even 20-degree weather at SnowGlobe can stop a wild pack of ravers from celebrating the New Year. In fact, it just made us dance more!
SnowGlobe 2018

SnowGlobe Packed a Lot of Fun But Has Room for Improvement

SnowGlobe will always hold a special place in my heart, but it's beginning to seem like a real-life Groundhog Day.
SnowGlobe 2015

Five Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe on Your Trip to SnowGlobe

SnowGlobe boasts one of the most beautiful and exciting venues out there with countless activities to enjoy in South Lake Tahoe. 
SnowGlobe 2017

How SnowGlobe Has Become a Staple New Year’s Festival

Returning for my fifth year, there is a certain energy at SnowGlobe that keeps bringing me back.
snowglobe 2017

SnowGlobe 2017 was a New Year Celebration We Won’t Forget!

SnowGlobe 2017 was an amazing experience. There may not have been any snow, but the music was great and we can't wait to go back this year!
SnowGlobe 2016

SnowGlobe 2017 Set Times, Event Info, & More!

SnowGlobe essential information such as set times, festival map, frequently asked questions, and more can be found here.
SnowGlobe 2016 SnowGlobe 2015

Catch Zach’s Top Artists at SnowGlobe 2017!

SnowGlobe is a few weeks away and we are excited to see some of our favorite artists in the snow. Check out Zach's top picks for the festival!
SnowGlobe 2016

SnowGlobe 2017 || Lineup Released!

Get ready for another insane New Year's celebration in South Lake Tahoe with SnowGlobe 2017! Every year SnowGlobe gets bigger...