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Farius and Elevven

Farius and Elevven Take Listeners to New Heights on ‘Digitally Enhanced Vol. 7’

Farius and Elevven join forces to gift a hearty helping of progressive trance and end the Digitally Enhanced series' near-decade-long hiatus.
Spencer Brown and Marieme

Spencer Brown and Marieme Team Up for diivine’s Blissful Second Outing

Spencer Brown showcases his imprint's softer side alongside Senegalese-American songstress Marieme on Stuck/Reflex.

Genix Celebrates Musical Diversity on Debut Album ‘199X’

Genix officially unveils his debut LP, 199X, a love letter to rave culture highlighting his full range of sound from trance to techno!
OMAIR Presents - One Zero Zero

OHM Music Celebrates Their 100th Release in Style

OMAIR presents OHM One Zero Zero, the 100th release on OHM Music featuring tracks from MBX, Danilo Ercole, Arkam, and more!
ilan Bluestone

Obey Your ‘Impulse’ and Explore ilan Bluestone’s New Album

ilan Bluestone allows his songwriting to shine front and center on sophomore album Impulse, which is out now on Anjunabeats!
Anjunabeats Rising - Volume 4

‘Anjunabeats Rising – Volume 4’ Exhibits Charming Ferocity

Anjunabeats Rising takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotion for its fourth volume featuring Alex Sonata & TheRio, meHiLove, and Naz!
Anjunabeats Rising Volume 33

‘Anjunabeats Rising – Volume 3’ Takes Us to the Stars

As the Anjunabeats Rising series gains traction and showcases new artists, they blast into orbit with Stephen Kirkwood, Mavros, and Notaker.
Above & Beyond ABGT350

Above & Beyond Knock It Out of the Park with ‘Anjunabeats Volume 15’

Anjunabeats Volume 15 mixed by Above & Beyond is officially out today as Anjuna Family members celebrate 20 years of the label's success!
OMAIR & Chris Varvaro - Controlled Chaos

OMAIR & Chris Varvaro Spin Us Into a Frenzy with “Controlled Chaos”

OMAIR & Chris Varvaro pull out all the stops as they push forward the brilliant soundscapes of OHM Deep State with "Controlled Chaos"!
Gai Barone_eye

Gai Barone Talks Patternized, Progressive, Music as Therapy, and More!

We sat down with Gai Barone to talk about starting his own label, the plight of progressive, his work with J00F, using music as a form of therapy, and more!