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Author: Christopher Rivera

The Best East Coast Festival Alternatives To Mysteryland USA!

Now that Mysteryland USA is no more, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite East Coast-accessible festivals that you can check out to fill the hole in your summer! The unfortunate cancellation of East Coast mainstay Mysteryland USA has left many a festival-goer with an unexpected free weekend this summer. Now that we’ve processed everything – we’ve speculated about why, we’ve shared our frustrations, and we’ve cried our tears over a missed chance to visit a cherished place with our friends – it’s time to get up, shuffle on toward the future, and decide which festival will fill...

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#TBT || Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth

Take it back to the year 2010 with Pretty Lights’ hit track “I Know The Truth”! This week’s #TBT, Pretty Lights‘ “I Know The Truth“, was the first EDM song I was ever shown back in 2010. The track has always held a special place in my heart being a combination of hip-hop and blues. Derek samples O.V. Wrights,  A Fool Can’t See The Light on this track. Derek has always been an innovator of music in my opinion though unfortunately, I feel he has fallen off a bit in the last couple of years. I have high hopes for the upcoming...

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Panorama NYC 2017 || Introducing The Point!

Oh, you will most definitely get “The Point” at Panorama NYC this year! This year has become one in which festivals are pulling out all their production guns and firing! It is not enough just to have stages with musicians on them; festival goers are craving more! We are seeing a trend where festivals are adding fully interactive experiences, stage set ups, and even full interactive towns built just for the festivals. We will see the return of  The Grand Artique at Lightning in a Bottle Festival, a western weigh station of sorts fully equipped with saloons and hotels....

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Album Review || Ghost In The Shell (Music Inspired by the Motion Picture)

Syncing To The Network, a Ghost In The Shell Soundtrack Review! Get your robotically enhanced ears ready and sit down, because we are about to sync to the network as we dive into the music inspired by Ghost In The Shell. This 39-minute album inspired by Paramount sci-fi action movie was just released, starring Scarlet Johansen as Major, a first of her kind bio-mechanized weapon designed to keep the peace in a world torn by cyber terrorism. It would seem the studio meant for this album to be just as jammed packed with action seeing as they STACKED these artist features. This soundtrack has a plethora of...

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Gorillaz Announce New Tour Including III Points Festival

III Points Festival just dropped some BIG news about the Gorillaz! Last night just after midnight, Miami’s III Points Festival began dropping some big hints via Instagram. III Points began releasing photos every couple of hours that this morning added up to reveal that one other than the Gorillaz will be headlining this year. There have been whispers throughout the music community in Florida that this would be happening in 2017, and Florida couldn’t be more hyped. The Gorillaz are due to release their fifth studio album “Humanz” later this month on April 28th. This album has some big names...

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