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In honor of #TranceGiving, aka Dreamstate SoCal 2017, we want attendees to have the opportunity to get to know the talent who will be our “Trancegiving Tour Guides”. Each week, we will feature bios of DJs who will take the stage at Dreamstate SoCal this year, as well as some beats to help familiarize you with their work. Next in our series is… Roger Shah!

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Classically-trained trance producer and composer Roger Shah has been spreading his incredible brand of Balearic Trance throughout the scene for 21 years.

2017 marks Shah’s 21st anniversary as a trance DJ and producer, and to say that he has had quite a career would be a major understatement. From day one, Roger Shah has been a force to be reckoned with; classically trained in composing orchestral music, his gorgeous, multi-layered productions positively ooze with musicality and emotion. With his classical music background, Roger Shah has somewhat atypical influences, citing Hans Zimmer as one of the artists who made a serious impact on him.

Shah’s career started to take off in 2003 when his track “High” was signed by Virgin Records’ Nebula imprint. Over the next several years, he went on to release productions with major trance labels such as Anjunadeep, Black Hole Recordings, and Vandit, to name a few.

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When he joined Armada and worked with Armin van Buuren, everything changed. That’s the moment that Roger Shah cites as the moment in which he went from domestic to international trance artist, and he has never looked back. His live shows are well-regarded, as he frequently employs a wireless keyboard interface and incorporates live elements, truly differentiating him from all the rest.

In addition to his exceptional productions, Shah is also well known for his radio show and trance compilations, which share the name of his label, “Magic Island”. Through these mediums, he has produced and promoted music that fits his Balearic Trance ideal – music with a summery, melodic, warm feel that hearkens back to the shores of Ibiza with its signature sound.

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Perhaps just as well-known as his main project is Sunlounger, an alias under which he produced tracks such as “Lost” and “Another Day On The Terrace”. His alias is so notorious that he frequently receives booking requests for it, although he no longer performs under it.

These days, Roger Shah spends roughly 30% of his time producing trance and dance music. The other 70% of his time is spent composing scores and trailers for Hollywood. His release with Nick Murray, Singularity, is a collaborative work that showcases some of his more orchestral-leaning productions and is well worth checking out.

One thing is for certain – Roger Shah is an artist you do not want to miss at Dreamstate SoCal 2017. Check out his set for what will undoubtedly be a performance of epic proportions, filled to the brim with extraordinary composition and tunes that will keep you dancing all night!

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