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Sacha Robotti

Sacha Robotti Talks ‘Jumping Back In’ to Touring

Sacha Robotti swung by to chat about his new music, life on the road, and mental health as he begins the second leg of his Jumping Back In tour!
Sammy Legs

Sammy Legs Causes a “Clamtastrophe”

Sammy Legs is heading back to Sacha Robotti's Slothacid imprint to deliver the freakishly fun, two-track EP, Clamtastrophe!
Eights Everywhere

Eights Everywhere Takes ‘AIM’ at Slothacid

Eights Everywhere looks to Slothacid to help cultivate his dreams with the release of AIM, his three-track sophomore release on the imprint!
Niles Shepard

Niles Shepard Pays Homage to the Great Lakes with ‘Interlaker’

The relationship between Niles Shepard and Slothacid continues to bloom as they give fans a taste of home with Interlaker!
Niles Shepard

Get Acquainted with Rising House Duo Niles Shepard

The pandemic hasn't slowed Niles Shepard down and they've dropped by to discuss their history, recent releases, and future plans.
Niles Shepard

Niles Shepard Says ‘Follow Me’ with EP on Slothacid

Dynamic duo Niles Shepard land on Sacha Robotti's Slothacid with their latest release, a two-track EP dubbed Follow Me. Stream it inside!
Sacha Robotti

Sacha Robotti Injects a Load of Personality on ‘The Kitty’ EP

Sacha Robotti is on fire with his brand new two-track EP, 'The Kitty', as he digs deep into his open to close tour following the launch of Slothacid! 
Sacha Robotti

Get to Know Sacha Robotti Ahead of His ‘Welcome To Slothacid’ US Tour

Sacha Robotti goes in-depth about his brand new Slothacid label, upcoming US tour, Welcome To Slothacid EP, and much more!
Sacha Robotti at SnowGlobe 2018

Sacha Robotti Announces New Label Slothacid and Fall Tour

Sacha Robotti has been cooking up something special behind the scenes with a new label Slothacid and fall tour that will take him across North America.
Sacha Robotti

Sacha Robotti’s SlothAcid Tour @ Vinyl || Event Preview & Giveaway

On October 14, prepare yourselves for a truly epic night of tech house as Dirtybird's Sacha Robotti brings his SlothAcid...