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Guillotine Drops “Apex” Ahead of ‘Black Ops XL III’

After delivering some massive heaters this year, Guillotine drops a stand-out tune on the Black Ops XL III compilation, "Apex"!

Excision Drops ‘Apex: The Remixes’ Featuring Mastadon, BTSM, & More!

If you liked 'Apex', you'll love 'Apex: The Remixes'. Featuring remixes from SLANDER, Champagne Drip, and many more, this remix package is a must-listen.

PLANTRAE Shows His Evolution on New Track “Apex”

PLANTRAE puts listeners in a bliss-like state and provides a journey that tugs right at their heartstrings in a proper manner with track "Apex". 
Excision Lost Lands Bass Canyon

Excision Gets Ready to Exterminate Indianapolis on the Apex Tour!

Hoosier headbangers, get ready: on March 1, Excision is coming to the Pavilion at Pan Am in Indianapolis with the first edition of the Apex tour!

Excision Announces Highly Anticipated Apex 2019 Tour Featuring The Paradox

Excision's Apex 2019 Tour has finally been announced, complete with 225,000 watts of PK Sound and the unparalleled Paradox visuals! 

Excision Delivers Salvation to Headbangers with New Album ‘Apex’

Hold onto your neckbraces - Excision has returned with a fourteen-track heavyweight of an album, 'Apex'. Stream the new album inside!

Vicetone Talk “Collide”, Video Games, & More!

Vicetone opens up about their creation process, video games, and more! The Dutch duo of Ruben Den Boer and Victor...