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deadmau5 lots of shows in a row @ Aragon Ballroom || Event Review

deadmau5’s new tour lived up to the high expectations with Cube 2.1 on his stop to Aragon Ballroom in Chicago Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Cube 2.1, the brainchild and passion project of Joel Zimmerman, better known to the masses as deadmau5. 42 panels, 281 trillion colors, using 386,031 frames of video running at 60 frames per second, at a price tag of a whopping $700,000 per side – the math is astronomical, and as a result, so were the expectations of his new tour. Being a longtime fan of literally everything deadmau5 does, I...

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Maximono Flies The Nest On The Non Sense Tour!

Dirtybird just got taken to the MAXimono… Sorry for that horrible pun, but the excitement and enthusiasm should be felt nonetheless. A few days ago, Dirtybird favorites Maximono revealed that they will be flying out of the nest on their very own Non Sense tour, all in time for the May 12th release of their upcoming Select EP. Select will be a rather short EP consisting of only two tracks, but they are promising some grimy, dizzying percussion with the iconic dark hues that have become known for.The Non Sense Tour covers ten cities coast to coast, including Chicago, Seattle, Orlando, Phoenix, El Paso,...

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Desert Hearts Summer 2017 || Tour Dates & Takeovers Announced!

Desert Hearts will be spreading the love around the world this year with stops in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and more! San Diego-based Desert Hearts has already made their mark on 2017 with takeovers of the Do LaB Stage at Coachella, and of course their infamous Desert Hearts Festival in late March. Announced today, Desert Hearts Summer 2017 shows off the latest takeovers and tour dates that the crew will be heading to in the coming months. The Desert Hearts Crew, composed of Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porkchop, has been serenading fans with their unreal vibes and now...

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Gorillaz Announce New Tour Including III Points Festival

III Points Festival just dropped some BIG news about the Gorillaz! Last night just after midnight, Miami’s III Points Festival began dropping some big hints via Instagram. III Points began releasing photos every couple of hours that this morning added up to reveal that one other than the Gorillaz will be headlining this year. There have been whispers throughout the music community in Florida that this would be happening in 2017, and Florida couldn’t be more hyped. The Gorillaz are due to release their fifth studio album “Humanz” later this month on April 28th. This album has some big names...

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Boys Noize Adds North American Dates To The ‘Warehaus Tour’!

After selling out in Europe, Boys Noize is finally bringing his Warehaus Tour to North America! Boys Noize, aka Alexander Ridha, announced his North American Warehaus Tour dates! This comes shortly after the release of the second part to his two-part Mayday Remixes EPs, which include popular Boys Noize remixes in Pt 1, in addition to newer artists’ takes on the original Mayday album in Pt 2. The tour is aptly named, as all the venues offer a smaller, sweatier setting for Mayday’s remixed debut. Ridha is known for his eclectic sound and his ability to synthesize genres from all ends...

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Dada Life: The Compound Evolved SF || Event Review

Dada Life: The Compound Evolved in San Francisco was B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Since their inception, the Swedish-duo Dada Life has alway been about fun and following the rules of Dada. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of Dada, they are in place to ensure you “never bring your brain to the rave” and that you “arrive beautiful, leave ugly.” To put it simply, forget your troubles at home or work and just enjoy the night. Visitors of Dada Life: The Compound Evolved SF were encouraged to go b-a-n-a-n-a-s and let loose from the get go. Upon entry, visitors were met by...

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