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Le Youth shares new sounds from fresh faces on PRGRSSN Records with his latest mix, Discoveries, including his latest track “Virgo.”

Since first emerging on the scene over a decade ago, Le Youth has consistently set the tone with stunning releases in the house realm and never seems to lull in his creative process. Over the past few years, he’s continued his exploration into the progressive and melodic house realm with 2020 being one of the busiest years for the Los Angeles-based producer. Not only did he release an onslaught of stunning tracks that have carried into the new year, but also found time to champion fresh faces through his new label, PRGRSSN Records.

The label has already started seeing artists like LeossaMerkieFløa, and Jake Kaiser arrive on its roster as it continues to grow. Now, after embarking on his tour, Le Youth is keeping in tune with a breadth of vibrant and clean releases through the label by releases a new mix called Discoveries. Not only does the mix feature his new tune “Virgo” and others from the aforementioned artists that have landed on the imprint, but it also shines a light on the future of PRGRSSN Records.

Check out Discoveries on Spotify or your preferred platform, stream the continuous mix directly on SoundCloud, and read on for a deeper dive into the tracks found within it.

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Le Youth shares his own brand new single alongside some of his recent Discoveries throughout the mix.

Discoveries opens with Le Youth’s new song, “Virgo.” Light synths pulses introduce the song as the volume slowly increases to fully ease listeners into the upcoming two-hour experience. Muffled vocals lend an airy touch to the song, adding their own glister before erupting into a satisfying, deep surge of synths that wash over the ears. A deep rumble acts as the song’s break, slowly rebuilding into a mesmerizing score of breathless ecstasy. As always, Le Youth seems to exceed all expectations, nailing the melodic house genre with his latest contribution.

Drifting forward, Phil Jones‘ “Without You” saunters in, rapidly maintaining the energy Le Youth brought in with the previous track. This tune bursts with notes that effortlessly stride through one ear and to the other. “I Watched Us As We Changed” by Tnahsi puts the compilation through a welcomed twist, stripping back on the melody for its introduction and steadily bringing in a rain of stirring notes. Going through the track is akin to going through a narrative journey, and it’s an emotional one at that.

As the mix progresses, “Lost In” by Slieve offers an otherworldly soundscape to get lost in, much as its title implies. The song features pointed notes against the backdrop while sweet vocals echo and lead listeners through the breezy synths. Next, Black Wands’ song titled “Candlelight” resounds with a deeper and rumbling bassline. It remains on the lower end of octaves, all while maintaining a light aura.

As Discoveries progresses to a third of the way in, VEHA lands with “Echoes.” The track exudes serenity, tiptoeing through the notes with sweet intention. Skipping ahead, Fløa and Scolario’sMemories” achieve a similar touch and the pair heavily lean into organic piano chords with a brief downtempo of ambiance. Meanwhile, Rebel of Sleep arrives with the song “TP253,” with the compilation once again switching gears to a darker, spacier sound filled with entrancing notes. Child Of ends the PRGRSSN Records score of new titles with “Broken,” a song that also parades an eclectic deluge of spacey, swaying chords.

The mix includes a number of standouts, including previously released singles from artists on the PRGRSSN Records roster.

Oh Balboa’s Not The Time” is one of the many standouts from the album. The song is dotted with robust thumps, laying out a consistent beat that transfixes listeners deep into the New York-based producer’s notes. Oscillations between each note stimulate listeners with an ocean of shivers. As the song progresses, a weightless, glitchy sound adds grain to the single. The song is soothing in its unwavering sound and drives forward seamlessly into the mix’s next offering.

Arriving into the mix, Motives‘ “Spaces,” is another memorable title, appearing not far from the aforementioned tune from Oh Balboa. The song quietly builds up with a melody of chords, in the beginning, churning the track’s ambiance. As the song pushes forward, kicks add the song’s percussive elements. Meanwhile, a stream of swinging notes filtered with a liquified sound bringing additional texture to the already gleaming track. The song is aptly titled, especially as its spacey synths fill headphones and minds with intense elements of galactic atmospheres. Motives satisfies all needs for a ground-breaking, heavenly experience.

Moving forward, Jake Kaiser has been previously featured on the label with the single, “Drift.” The track breathes a relaxing aura even in its first notes, sounding more resonant with echoes than some of the previous songs, all while remaining enthralling with vibrant layers of vocal chops. “Drift” elicits images of humid, foggy jungles with the sun’s rays piercing beyond the patches of green through its fresh notes, fully embodying its title. With this track, it’s easy to get lost in the ambiance.

Lastly, Leossa also released on PRGRSSN Records and the mix features their song “Lavirra,” which is a pacifying track that steadily erupts with a climax of hard-hitting percussions. Short cuts of vocals are scattered through the song, building in tune with bursts of where energy is injected. The track leans back from some of the more layers while nonetheless showcasing a larger-than-life sound. Adding their last touches of charm to “Lavirra,” the pair continue through the journey with glints of sweet piano chords that seem to dance in cooperation with the rest of the song’s instrumentals and backings.

Discoveries leaves a lot to be anticipated for the future of PRGRSSN Records.

Discoveries is the perfect soundtrack to a myriad of experiences, whether it’s pressing your toes in the damp sand as the sun reflects a warm orange glow from your face, or a solo adventure across dusty cliffs and humid forests. The mix from Le Youth is nothing short of a healing, almost spiritual experience – and it covers all the bases for an emotional surf on brewing sound waves.

Each artist on the PRGRSSN Records roster brings a powerful start to the imprint’s beginnings, paving way for a forecast of captivating new sounds for fans of both Le Youth and melodic house as a genre. Le Youth undoubtedly accomplishes his goal in showcasing the up-and-coming talent who have all earned their place with the label, and we can’t wait to see where they head to next.

Le Youth – Discoveries – Tracklist:

  1. Le Youth – “Virgo”
  2. Phil Jones – “Without You”
  3. Tnahsi – “I Watched Us As We Changed”
  4. Slieve – “Lost In”
  5. Black Wands – “Candlelight”
  6. Sam Parker – “Nocturne”
  7. Staysis – “Tearing Away”
  8. Around Us – “Magnify”
  9. VEHA – “Echoes”
  10. Jope – “Solskin”
  11. Oh Balboa – “Not The Time”
  12. Jason McMullen – “Alone”
  13. Motives – “Spaces”
  14. Into the Ether – “Never Like to Wait”
  15. Blank Page – “Canyon”
  16. Jake Kaiser – “Drift”
  17. Merkie – “Camisado”
  18. Fløa & Scolario – “Memories”
  19. Rebel Of Sleep – “TP253”
  20. Maybe Someday – “While We’re Young”
  21. Nik Alevizos – “Metamorphosis”
  22. RIVE – “Primavera”
  23. Leossa – “Lavirra”
  24. 28mm – “Always”
  25. Child Of – “Broken”
Le Youth - PRGRSSN Records - Discoveries Mix

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