Fløa Arrives on PRGRSSN Records with ‘Under’ EP


Russian progressive house artist Fløa makes his mark on the new year with a stunning new EP on Le Youth’s PRGRSSN Records.

Rising DJ and producer Fløa is looking to grab the reins of the progressive house scene in 2021 with his Under EP. Having previously released on the likes of Colorize, Silk Music, Zerothree, and Toolroom, he takes his talents to Le Youth’s PRGRSSN Records for his newest four-track offering.

Fløa wraps listeners in a velvety blanket of sweet serenity throughout the EP. It begins on a light note as the opening track “My Only Friend” swaddles listeners in silk as he blends vocals and sweeping melodic chord progressions together in harmony. Then, he makes a departure into the world of syncopated progressive house with “Under” which uniquely combines piano notes atop reverberating synth work. It’s a track that’s perfect for both late-night escapades and early morning drives.

In lieu of early morning drives, track number three, “Daylight,” elicits emotions as bright and vivid as a sunrise. Swelling bursts of warm-tinged synths best characterize the ride that clocks in at just under five and a half minutes as he continues to pull lucky listeners into his kaleidoscopic of sound.

Rounding out the EP is “Sand & Glass,” a final four-minute salute from the rising Russian producer. Combining captivating percussive elements with smooth synths, the track is aptly titled for its burgeoning sound as Fløa sends off listeners well in his final offering from the Under EP.

You’re not going to want to sleep on Fløa after hearing the soundscapes on the Under EP. Stream it on your preferred platform, or find it on Spotify below for your listening pleasure!

Stream Fløa – Under EP on Spotify:

Fløa – Under EP – Tracklist:

  1. My Only Friend
  2. Under
  3. Daylight
  4. Sand & Glass

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