Sam WOLFE Takes Us On An Odyssey to ‘The Gorge’

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Sam WOLFE always leaves us begging for more and with the release of The Gorge the enthusiasm has reached a fever pitch!

Sam WOLFE gave us all fair warning when he said he would be kicking off the New Year with a fresh array of dance floor heaters, and so far our Atlanta-based techno artist has not disappointed. Just two weeks ago, he thrilled with the guttural underground energy of 7 AM, a three-track brain punch that featured a brilliant remix from the likes of famed Ramon Tapia. But while we continue to rock out to that EP, take a moment and listen to The Gorge, which offers up four tantalizing tunes that will make you sweat!

A riveting EP released via Phobiq Recordings, The Gorge has been under construction for over a year and was a passion project born from an emotional experience on the festival front. Tirelessly working to perfect the musical journey, what Sam WOLFE came up with is going to knock you straight out of your socks while you pick your jaw up off of the floor. Listeners get to hear Sam mix and mingle with techno tastemakers, inviting the highly revered Sisko Electrofanatik to work his magic on a remix on the title track.

I started working on ‘The Gorge’ in 2019 right after seeing Eric Prydz lay down a Cirez D set at Seismic Dance Event. I love how his sets take you on a journey full of highs and lows, blowing your mind one track at a time. So I set out to make an EP that told a story, how I would want the crowd to feel at my shows.


Purchase your copy of The Gorge on Beatport, stream the full EP below and continue on for my take on the tunes!

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As I peer into the vast expanse of The Gorge I lose my footing and proceed to plummet into a techno paradise.

“The Gorge” begins with a hollow rhythmic thump and a cryptic lyric surprise, “So long as they don’t ask too much.” I am instantly intrigued by the meaning behind the tempting vocal. What fascinating story does this track hold within? While I contemplate the inspiration I am blasted with top-end melodics that pulls me deep inside my boundless imagination. I feel weightless as I traverse down the cliff after being pushed over the edge by the confident bassline. Then, I’m encouraged to keep moving with the arousing kick and filled with adrenaline from the crisp laser blasts.

Now that I’m suspended within the dark cavern, Rome’s own Sisko Electrofanatik steps in to flex his boundary-free musical character. I am enthralled by the waves of static-like detail and can literally feel my hair begin to stand up. It’s pretty amazing when a simple sound can produce such a visceral reaction like that. Sisko continues to build my confidence with some in-your-face percussive elements that lead to a crescendo in the breakdown which is filled with mysterious synth stabs. This remix is strong and serious and gives me the courage to take the final leap into the abyss.

Now that I am full of vigor Sam WOLFE continues to zap me with tech-soaked electricity as I embark on the next leg of my trip through The Gorge.

“Charged Up” puts the pep in my step with a groove that is undeniable. I am swept away by the intense pulsating tone that arrives before the track unleashes a variety of uninhibited auditory details. Suddenly, Sam WOLFE pulls back on the volume as he sets the stage for a massive climb back up to the top of the cliff. There is no way to keep the body from reacting as the flickering rhythm bonds with the stormy sound waves. The rest is left to pure consistency, filling me with the fuel I need to dance my way through the ominous landscape.

Alas, I have come to the end of my journey through The Gorge. “Isolation,” when considering the name, fills me with an image of standing alone, both intimidated and astonished by the majesty of the world. Luckily, the musical expression matches my vision. The brash and haunting vocal sets a peak hour tone while the ethereal melody keeps the mood light for a fleeting moment. But I am sent into a tailspin when Sam WOLFE flips the track on its head just before the halfway mark. Blurring genre lines, he teases a little drum and bass action before reversing the trajectory and nose-diving back into his subterranean realm.

The Gorge is an EP that took me far outside of reality and catapulted me straight into a vision of my own design – and that’s what I love most about great music. It holds the power to take me anywhere to do anything I want, even in the comfort of my own home. I cannot be more pleased with Sam WOLFE’s latest project. His next offering is fast on its way so stay locked with us as we continue to follow him on his journey.

Sam WOLFE – The Gorge – Tracklist:

  1. The Gorge
  2. The Gorge (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix)
  3. Charged Up
  4. Isolation
Sam WOLFE - The Gorge

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