Zeds Dead Take us on a Wild Ride with ‘We Are Deadbeats Vol. 4 Deluxe’

We Are Deadbeats

Zeds Dead showcase a wide range of artistic talent with 16 fresh collaborations and remixes in We Are Deadbeats Volume 4 Deluxe.

Bassheads rejoice — the deluxe edition of We Are Deadbeats Volume 4 is finally here! Following the successful release of the original compilation back in January, Zeds Dead and a wide variety of talented artists bring us a new, diverse 16-track deluxe album we can’t help but love. With three brand new collaborations and 13 remixes to get familiar with, this release will definitely hold us over until we get that Zeds Dead album that was teased previously.

The deluxe edition of We Are Deadbeats Volume 4 features highly-anticipated, genre-bending remixes of original tracks by legends like Subtronics, Ganja White Night, Dion Timmer, DNMO and GG Magree — re-worked by Eprom, Blanke, Sippy, um… and more. This fresh cut is similar to the original release in that the album isn’t necessarily cohesive. Each track and remix is unique, and the vibe switches up in the blink of an eye.

This is no surprise with Zeds Dead’s wide range of sound, and artists of all genres having a hand in the album. The variety makes the whole listening experience exciting and unpredictable with some songs you love from the original receiving a complete makeover while others flip genres mid-song to alter the vibe entirely. So strap in, because this deluxe album is a wild ride!

Listen to We Are Deadbeats Vol. 4 Deluxe on Spotify below, download or stream the release on your favorite platform, and read on for a deeper look!

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We are Deadbeats Volume 4 Deluxe features three new collaborations, along with one familiar track bassheads already know and love.

The album starts off with brand spankin’ new track that comes in hot: “RUFF” with YOOKIE and they definitely don’t hold back on this one! The mega-heavy bass and wubs of the first drop will get your head banging and your heart racing, until it melts into the second drop of deeper mid-tempo sound, ending the hyphy track on a satisfying grimy note. All the things we love, in one perfect track… and we’re just getting started!

Other collabs on the album include the up-beat, acid-infused track “Taken” with YULTRON, already-loved “Into the Abyss” with REZZ, and liquid bass “Reason” with Floret Loret. Each track has its own unique sound, shifting the mood from track to track, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Along with the new tracks, We Are Deadbeats Volume 4 Deluxe features 13 brand new remixes by artists like Blanke, Eprom, um…, and more.

As a lover of Subtronics, I was extra excited for Blanke’s remix of “Bumpy Teeth,” and quite frankly, he knocked it out of the park. Blanke stayed true to the sounds of the original track and used the individual sounds to create a wild, genre-bending ride of his own. This remix has three hard-hitting drops and each one is unexpected, exciting, and filthier than the last. It’s a bumpy ride indeed — in the best way!

um…’s take on “Asteroid” by Zeds Dead and Holly, as well as the Eprom Old School Deconstruction of Zeds Dead’s and Deathpact’s track “Ether,” are satisfyingly eclectic. Eprom’s track was released on Spotify earlier this week, and I’ve been listening to it ever since. Both remixes start with a slow tempo, unique sounds, and unpredictable beats. “Eprom Old School Deconstruction” drops in some light-footed drum and bass, and um…’s stays bass-heavy but ends on a more consistent beat where all the sounds of the track come together perfectly.

The variety of sounds in the album showcases the growth Deadbeats over the years and flexes Zeds Dead’s mastery of multiple genres.

Some songs will take you by surprise and switch up the vibe like the house remix of “Rescue” by ALRT, Holly’s drum and bass remix of “Sound of the Underground,” and the bad turner’s dreamy remix of “Save my Grave.” G-Rex’s remix of DROELOE’s lullaby-like track “Stars Tonight” and sumthin sumthin’s remix of “Just Wanna” will satisfy your deepest dubstep cravings. Meanwhile, Chee’s remix of “Leave You In The Ground” and Pax Impera’s “Dead of Night” remix might tie for the filthiest track of the album in my book. Sippy’s melodic dubstep remix of “After the Water” and Biicla’s “Stars Tonight” remix gives the album an ethereal edge.

Every track is its own vibe, and listening to them one after another really exemplifies the growth and diversity of the Deadbeats label. From dreamy to bouncy to experimental to headbanging and back again, We Are Deadbeats Volume 4 Deluxe is a thrill-ride from beginning to end.

We Are Deadbeats Volume 4 Deluxe – Album Art and Tracklist:

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