Subtronics Strikes Again with ‘Scream Saver’ EP


Subtronics has continued to bolster his expansive catalog of high-quality bass tunes with a fresh, four-track EP called Scream Saver!

The current golden boy of bass music, Subtronics, is back with four head-banging ready tracks on the Scream Saver EP that shows how he is constantly perfecting his craft. A staple in the bass community for the last couple of years, his distinctive style of pairing quirky vocal samples with massive bass propelled him into the spotlight. On top of that, his work ethic is unrivaled with a plethora of releases and his acclaimed NOW THATS WHAT I CALL RIDDIM mix series taken hold of our souls.

Now, Subtronics is releasing his first four tracks of 2020 and they are all impressive, to say the least. His Scream Saver EP might be his best work yet as each one of the tracks presents the best aspects of Subtronics’ meticulous production style and will have bassheads riding their living room rails!

Take a listen to Scream Saver EP on Spotify or your favorite streaming service, read on for more insight, and let us know what your thoughts are on this tune in the comments below!

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The intro track of the EP is none other than the fan-favorite, “Scream Saver.”

Ever since Subtronics unveiled “Scream Saver” during one of his live shows towards the end of 2019, fans have been yearning for its release. This is no surprise when you listen to the track for the first time. The way the song effortlessly builds into the heavy drop is a truly jaw-dropping moment. From there, “Scream Saver” takes the listener on a bass journey filled with vocal samples and some bounce along the way.

Next up on the EP is “Lullaby,” which brings British grime rap duo Virus Syndicate into the fray. The track begins with eerie melodic music box sounds while the rap duo begins with their quick lines and wordplay. The drop of this song is far from a real lullaby, one used to put babies to sleep, it’s hard-hitting and contains familiar synths that Subtronics fans will be familiar with.

The third track, “Discotek,” is riddim paradise. Subtronics joined forces with fellow dubstep artist Akeos and the result is a wonky, neck-breaking tune. To add to this, the beginning of the track features a vocal sample from Noho Hank from the HBO series Barry. Subtronics sure loves finding these little gems and including them in his songs!

Subtronics saved the best for last with “Blow Stuff Up.”

Rounding out this phenomenal EP is “Blow Stuff Up,” and if your necks were not already sore from the previous three tracks, this one will put you on the stretcher. It’s fine-tuned, methodically placed synths paired with loads of bass truly show that Subtronics went above and beyond on this one. He pushed the boundaries of bass music yet again not only with this final track, but with the entire EP!

Subtronics – Scream Saver EP – Tracklist:

  1. Scream Saver
  2. Lullaby (feat. Virus Syndicate)
  3. Discotek (with Akeos)
  4. Blow Stuff Up

Subtronics - Scream Saver EP

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