EPROM Dazzles Once Again with ‘AIKON’ EP

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The latest release by EPROM, the AIKON EP, is out now on Deadbeats and shows us all why he’s a maestro of experimental bass!

Any fan of experimental bass should know the name EPROM. The Portland-based producer has cemented himself as a heavyweight in the EDM community, collaborating with Flume on his most recent project and forming the super-duo Shades with Alix Perez. Now, EPROM is back with his AIKON EP, a wicked new release on Zeds Dead’s label Deadbeats that they’ve described as “mind-blowing and boundary-pushing”. 

Many will notice a familiar name on AIKONG Jones. The two artists frequently team up to create some incredible musical journeys like 2017’s Acid Disk and songs “Hysteria” and “Survivor”. We get another taste of the duo’s ability on “Daemon Veil,” a glitchy free-form track that’s been a fan favorite since its July release.

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EPROM kicks off the EP with “Hope,” a deep, buzzy track with an infectious hook that urges listeners to keep hope alive. The use of silence in “The Cat” pairs masterfully with the sweeping sound design, and “Phoneme Gothik” offers a driving beat and punchy basslines that are sure to impress. Finally, EPROM closes the EP with “Shirow Softworks,” an ethereal soundscape that perfectly bookends this incredible release. You’ll definitely want to check this one out!

Listen to the AIKON EP on Spotify below or stream it on your preferred platform!

Stream EPROM – AIKON EP on Spotify

“Each tune represents a unique point in my trajectory. For me, this release represents a step onto a bigger stage. I have always been reluctant to fully embrace the ethos of dance music, so I have previously kept my work underground, and to a certain degree, intentionally inaccessible. This EP is my take on pure rave music.”


EPROM – AIKON EP – Tracklist:

  1. Hope – 5:00
  2. Daemon Veil (w/ G Jones) – 5:02
  3. The Cat – 2:30
  4. Phoneme Gothic – 3:20
  5. Shirow Softworks – 5:41


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Born and raised in Morristown, NJ, Alec’s EDM journey started back in 2014 when he saw Flume during his first tour of North America. It wasn’t until college, though, that Alec really developed a love for EDM after attending Moonrise Festival in 2018. His tastes span all genres, ranging from drum & bass to downtempo to trance. If you can’t spot Alec in the crowd, you can usually find him on the lacrosse field or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen!

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