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In honor of #TranceGiving, aka Dreamstate SoCal 2017, we want attendees to have the opportunity to get to know the talent who will be our “Trancegiving Tour Guides”.

Each week, we will feature bios of DJs who will take the stage at Dreamstate SoCal this year, as well as some beats to help familiarize you with their work. Next in our series is… BLiSS!

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Before he was BLiSS, his name was Yonatan Marcow from Tel Aviv. 

This Israeli artist debuted back in 2005 with his album The Rhythmus Gene in 2005. For those exploring the music of Psychedelic trance, The Rhythmus Gene should definitely be on your list. The album showcases a variety of BLiSS’ music production talent and his own unique sound. If you are looking for more recent tracks, check out “MY LSD Song” and “Etnix”.

BLiSS’s high energy and aggressive Psytrance style are well known in his sets as well as his ability to add some live guitar riffs to his shows. That’s right – live guitar riffs make their way into his sets that represent his own love and adoration of rock and metal music.

During BLiSS’ adolescent years, his two favorite metal bands were Metallica and Pantera. He even formed a band with two friends during his teenage years, and they used to write songs and record with a four-channel recorder. For guitar-playing idols, he looked up to Jimi Hendrix. His current favorite band is Muse, an English rock band well known for their amazing live shows.

BLiSS’ other musical projects have been collaborations with Painkiller and Azax.

When BLiSS works with Painkiller, they work together under the name A-Team. Together, BLiSS and Painkiller put out two albums together called Fast Forward and 145 Street. The first time BLiSS played with an electric guitar happened to be during an A-Team show.
With Azax, they called their project Azax vs BLiSS. The two of them released two collaboration albums called Round 1 and Round II.

When he wasn’t making killer psytrance tunes, BLiSS worked with BPM College for a special Master Series.

His courses teach students melodic phrases, floor shattering kicks, making basslines from scratch, and many more musical topics. BLiSS had this to say to inspire upcoming artists:

“In my early years, I thought that if I can create and product Trance music, I can produce any style/ genre. I was wrong. Every style needs its own practice and understandings. Don’t be afraid to learn new things. Don’t be lazy. Just go for it.”

We’re looking forward to seeing BLiSS blow us away at Dreamstate and we hope you join us!

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