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Will Clarke @ Ravine Atlanta

My Love Letter To The Atlanta Rave Community

Atlanta's electronic dance music scene has flooded my life with unforgettable experiences, filling my tank as I embark on my next chapter.
PLUR & Kandi

Why PLUR is Important and What it Looks Like on the Dancefloor

PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) - most ravers know this mantra and try to embody it, but why is it important and what does it look like on the dancefloor?
EDC Las Vegas 2019 Ravers Fireworks

EDM Identity’s Favorite Moments of 2019

With the new year fast approaching it is time once again to take a stroll down memory lane with EDM Identity's favorite moments of 2019!
All Are Welcome Here EDC Las Vegas

Never Too Old for the Party || An Introspective for Older Ravers

Feeling like you are too old to chase the beat? I am here to tell you that no matter your age, you belong and are welcome on the dance floor!
Dreamstate SoCal 2018 The Dream

The State of Dreamstate: Opportunities for Growth

MyStro bears his opinion on the state of Dreamstate as a brand after the SoCal festival's flagship in 2018. Does Dreamstate still create new experiences? Does it bring a diverse enough line up? Find all the details inside!
How I Found My Place In The World Through Electronic Music

Finding My Place In The World Through Electronic Music

We all know someone with some sort of ability or talent, but sometimes it's hard to find your place...
Conscious Crew - USC Events

Finding Purpose Through Participation

The last several years of my involvement in the electronic music scene have incited some important shifts in my...
Dance Music

Dance Music Inspires A Vivid Imagination

Close your eyes. Let the beat wash over your soul. Find the melody. Let your imagination take you away. If...

Should You Buy Tickets To A Festival Before The Lineup Drops?

With the incredible momentum of dance music festivals growing into the massive entities that they have become, why potentially...

Has PLUR Become A Casualty On The Social Media Battlefield?

As a passionate and active member of the electronic dance music community, every once in a while there are...