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Box Of Cats Box Of Trax Vol. 6

Box Of Cats Drops Off Latest Volume of ‘Box Of Trax’

Looking for tunes to put some pep in your step during the final days of summer? Box Of Cats has just what you need on Box Of Trax Vol. 6.
Box of Trax Vol. 3

Box Of Cats Delivers a Flurry of Stunners on ‘Box Of Trax, Vol. 3’

The Box of Cats crew is back with another six tracks that will surely keep your summer hotter than ever with the release of Box Of Trax, Vol. 3!
Box Of Cats - Box Of Trax, Vol. 2

Get to Groovin’ with Box Of Cats’ Latest Release, ‘Box Of Trax, Vol. 2’

Box Of Cats is heating things up and getting us prepped for a jampacked spring with the six-track 'Box Of Trax, Vol. 2'!