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Audio UK DJ Drum & Bass

D&B Hero Audio Erupts on New LP ‘[Unsocial]’

Frustrated with his craft, Audio reignites his passion for drum and bass with the release of his 2021 artist album [Unsocial].
2019 Albums First Half

18 Albums from the First Half of 2019 That You Should Listen To

2019 kicked off in full swing with an excellent batch of albums we did not have the time to cover individually, so swing in and find new gems to listen to!
2018 28 Albums You Missed Feature Collage

28 Albums in 2018’s Second Half that Missed Your Ears

2018 had no shortage of artist albums! In a follow up to our first half post, we now close the year looking at the music we missed in the second half!

pluko Astounds Listeners With Debut Album ‘sixteen’

From bedroom producer to mainstage, pluko does an incredible job on his debut album "sixteen"! Join me as I dig into some of my favorite tracks!

Rebelion Releases Ambitious 23-Track Hardstyle Album, ‘Empire’

From instigating a mere Uprising to becoming rulers of their own Empire, Rebelion are the new hot names in the raw hardstyle scene, and their aptly named brand new album shows why.
Chillhop Essentials Summer 2017

Album Review || Chillhop Essentials Summer 2017

Chillhop Records impresses with their latest summer installment of Chillhop Essentials. When you're a tastemaker and take on the moniker...
Adventure Club Red // Blue Album

Album Review || Adventure Club – Red // Blue

Purchase & Listen to Red // Blue on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, & Google Play. Every so often,...
Driftmoon - (R)Evolution

Driftmoon’s Evolution Is A Cog In The New (R)Evolution

When one sets out to create an artist album, they take up the creative endeavor of pouring their soul...