Chillhop Essentials Summer 2017
Chillhop Records impresses with their latest summer installment of Chillhop Essentials.

When you’re a tastemaker and take on the moniker of a whole genre, you better be delivering gold on a regular basis.  Chillhop Records continues to do just that with its latest compilation of essential tracks, Chillhop Essentials Summer 2017.

Rotating on a seasonal schedule, Bas and the team over at Chillhop Records touched down in June with the latest installment of ChillHop releases that became the perfect soundtrack for this season.  There’s plenty of warm, summertime beats to fill out your pool party in this mix of twenty-three tracks.

Kicking things off with Birocratic and GYVUS means an instant air of quality.

There’s hardly any surprise with the quality of music coming out of these two producers, so the bar is set high right out of the gate.  You’ll also find beats by Aso, Bonus Points, Deeb, and Vanilla – who all push out some great productions and have implanted their style directly into the genre.  A few of these people we even mentioned in our What We Like segment earlier this month.

The vast majority of works come from new names in the larger genre sphere though.

“Damn Fine Coffee” by mtbrd is a fine example.  The sample is instantly ear-catching and the beat is warm and filled with bright light.  Love that the philosophical advice by the way: “I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”

Moose Dawa’s “Daylight” features a great pallet to dine from – well-rounded and unobtrusive stabs, a groove laden beat, harp used to great effect, and a guitar line that’s just the right amount of funky.

Ian Ewing delivers more guitar riff goodness with “Craft Draft Brewski Bois,” which sort of feels right at home living here in San Diego with so much craft beer brewed in the area.  On top of that, the bass line’s “wah” reminds me of the crashing surf in the bay, hauntingly out of sync with the warmth of the sun.

Then there is the beauty of Big Band brass on display with “Can’t You See” by The Cancel.  Just listen – it is a fun gem.

In all – the album offers a pleasant journey for you to listen to as you drive down the highway or catch sun-rays poolside with friends.

It plentifully provides the right vibes for the summertime barbecue, so fire it up, grab some close friends, some cold drinks, and enjoy the longer days of the year with this sonic journey.  It’s a solid 8 out of 10 in my book.

You can grab a digital copy at practically any outlet you choose by clicking here, or alternatively, you could pick up a vinyl copy and help charity.

Chillhop Records is donating all proceeds of the vinyl sales to provide clean water to those in need, so get a summer breeze in your life with these beats and help someone have some clean water to drink by buying a copy here.

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Chillhop Essentials Summer 2017 – Tracklist:
  1. Birocratic – If I Tried
  2. GYVUS – Lemon Tea
  3. Hazy Year – I’m Lost
  4. AJMW – OldTricks
  5. mtbrd – Damn Fine Coffee
  6. Deeb – Palm Parallels
  7. Vanilla – Too Much
  8. Poldoore – Vista
  9. iamalex – If Only For A Day
  10. Philanthrope – At Ease w/Monma
  11. Badsummer – Still Shining
  12. Guggenz – Can’t Forget You
  13. Jeff Kaale – Mai Tai
  14. Axian – Hol It Down
  15. Moose Dawa – Daylight
  16. Brock Berrigan – Midnight Swim
  17. Bonus Points – Venice Beach w/ Jeff Kaale
  18. Flamingosis – We Can Make It
  19. Ian Ewing – Craft Draft Brewski Bois
  20. The Cancel – Can’t You See
  21. Bonus Points – Hold Please
  22. Aso – Alright
  23. Limes – Old Friends

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