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Code Black’s ‘Journey’ Tells the Story of His Musical Self-Reinvention in Hardstyle

Every artist has a musical journey, Code Black being no exception from this. Join Adam as he takes a closer look and explores Code Black's 'Journey'!

Reminisce About Crypsis’ Retro-Futuristic Album ‘Statement of Intent’

Crypsis' album 'Statement of Intent' is a musical pioneer of a genre that didn't exist at the time. Read on for Adam's thoughts of this immaculate album!

Defqon.1 is Mecca for the Harder Styles

Defqon.1 Festival in the Netherlands is a festival experience Adam has been dreaming about for years. This time, it finally came true.

Looking In-Depth at Phuture Noize’s Sociocritical, Thought-Provoking Concept Album ‘bıack|mırror socıety’

Get lost in Phuture Noize's vision of a dystopian world of music and reflect upon your own. This is the world of Black Mirror Society. 

Rebelion Releases Ambitious 23-Track Hardstyle Album, ‘Empire’

From instigating a mere Uprising to becoming rulers of their own Empire, Rebelion are the new hot names in the raw hardstyle scene, and their aptly named brand new album shows why.

‘The Return of Headhunterz’ Proves Why He Should Be Welcomed Back to Hardstyle

Headhunterz is back in the Hardstyle scene with a new album and it was worth the wait!

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