Lamorn Stuns with ‘Between Us’ on mau5trap


Lamorn drops the stunning two-track release, Between Us, as he builds momentum toward his debut mau5trap EP Encore in November.

Despite a slow start due to the pandemic, dance music fans have been blessed throughout 2021 as artists doubled down on new releases and live shows have returned with a vengeance. Few have been able to ride this wave as well as mau5trap supported newcomer, Lamorn. Dubbed deadmau5′ official protégé, this rising artist began his series of releases on the label with the impressive “Physical Layer” and he hasn’t looked back since. Lamorn dropped Lonely Light soon after he took the stage in Brooklyn earlier this summer, and now he’s back again with two fresh tracks on Between Us.

Between Us acts as the latest chapter in the lead-up to Lamorn’s debut EP on mau5trap, Encore, which is due out on November 9. The two tracks found within it are uniquely Lamorn in their alt-rock meets electronic style, yet show a more intimate side of the artist as well. “Over the years, my Lamorn project was always something I thought I would keep fairly detached from my thoughts and emotions,” said Lamorn. “‘Between Us’ is the first time I let that guard down. Since then this has become less of a ‘project’ and more of an extension of my life, where I can be 100% myself.”

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Between Us” is a synth-fueled track that’s super catchy and will have you hooked in a matter of seconds. The highly tuned vocals and lush instrumentation stir up memories of tracks from the discography of Daft Punk, and while no one can fill their shoes in the scene Lamorn is helping keep that funk-fueled influence alive. The overall combination of synths, broad instrumentals, and lofty vocals make this a solid track for anytime listening.

Lance Mountain” turns the tempo down but carries on the funky sound. It opens with a soulful rhythm that harkens back to the clubs in the ’60s and ’70s – but don’t think that Lamorn has trapped you in the past on this one! He soon layers in some luscious and very modern instrumentals, and then even more otherworldly synths. The mellow and groovy pattern midway through the track is quite entrancing and will leave listeners coming back for another spin.

Lamorn is grounded well beyond his years and this has set him up perfectly for a rocket ride to stardom. Listen to Between Us on Spotify or your preferred platform, and stay tuned for Encore next month!

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