A Hundred Drums Says ‘Enough is Enough’ on New EP

A Hundred Drums

A Hundred Drums makes her debut on Deadbeats and delivers a powerful message about systemic racism with her new EP Enough is Enough.

Known for her multi-instrumental bass music, Denver-based producer A Hundred Drums has the ability to transport you to other worlds through her musical soundscapes. However, on her latest EP, Enough is Enough, the producer’s message is more grounded than ever: when it comes to racism and discrimination in the Black community, enough is enough. Out now on Deadbeats, her latest release is a potent account of systemic racism conveyed through a beautifully crafted array of Eastern instrumentation, deep bass frequencies, and moving lyricism.

Over the past year, the fight for social justice in America has come to the forefront of the collective consciousness more than ever before. Police brutality and other forms of systemic oppression toward the Black community have sparked an outcry on a national and global level, shaking the shoulders of people everywhere to wake up to the racism occurring right before their eyes. The music industry, among many others, felt the impact of this uprising as Black creators have released music shedding light on their experiences with racism.

Enough is Enough is not only a culmination of bone-rattling bass tunes but an important political message as well. The atmosphere is powerful and demanding, but the vibrations remain high as A Hundred Drums accesses deeply meditative frequencies through each lyric, bassline, and drum beat. Whether it’s through the deep resonating bass or the evocative words of Leah Rigsby that resonate throughout the EP, Enough is Enough is bound to leave a permanent mark on bass music.

Dive into A Hundred Drums’ message on Enough is Enough by streaming the EP on your preferred platform, and read on for a deeper dive into the tracks found within it!

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Enough is Enough opens up with a moving spoken word poem that encapsulates the theme of the EP.

Let me tell you a little bit about what it means to be Black in America.” These openings words on “Intro introduce the EP and deliver the message of Enough is Enough loud and clear. Written and spoken by Leah Rigsby, each line in the track’s spoken word poem is recited with intention and conviction that draws you in closer with each syllable. Rigsby’s evocative lyrical delivery alongside the ambient production from A Hundred Drums packs a powerful and unforgettable punch.

On “Bone Dust,” A Hundred Drums and Pedro Soares go all-in with their production, introducing deep basslines and live instrumentation to the EP’s repertoire. The producers incorporate ethereal Eastern sounds, such as a didgeridoo and singing bowls, that set the track apart from anything ever heard in bass music. Deep sub-bass permeates throughout, giving the track a deeper dubstep sound that many have come to love.

Then, “Stop” taps into atmospheric and introspective soundscapes during the first half of the track, while the second half features another appearance from Rigsby, this time expanding on the lyricist’s original message. Eastern instrumentation can once again be heard throughout the track, including djembe and shakers, that beautifully bring out the track’s deep basslines.

To close out the EP, A Hundred Drums traces dubstep back to its roots and lays out a bouncy reggae beat on “The Root of it All.” The track brings the release full circle and serves as a powerful reminder that dubstep, the very genre that so many members of the dance scene know and love, is rooted in Black culture. It’s a potent reminder to never forget your roots and to honor the things you value if they belong to other groups or cultures.

A Hundred Drums – Enough is Enough – Tracklist:

  1. Intro (by Leah Rigsby)
  2. Bone Dust (ft. Pedro Soares)
  3. Stop
  4. The Root of it All
A Hundred Drums Enough is Enough

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