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Buckle up and get ready for some next level bass sets at the First and Second Weekends of Electric Forest 2018! 

With mere hours until the kickoff to the First Weekend of Electric Forest, if you aren’t already excited then you better get ready! While Forest is all about the absolutely magical atmosphere, captivating art installations, and incredible people you’ll meet, it also has a lineup that is way too good to pass up. Electric Forest is a place to expand your musical horizons while also raging to some of your all-time favorite artists. The artists playing are totally diverse with genres ranging from dubstep to house along with all the jam bands you could possibly desire.

When it comes to bass music, Electric Forest has got you covered across the board. Whether it be riddim, dubstep, freeform, or space bass that you’re searching for, every basshead will be more than happy with this lineup of stars. Read on below for five of my top bass picks that will be at both weekends of Electric Forest!

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Grace’s Top Picks at Electric Forest 2018!

space jesus

Space Jesus

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Space Jesus is a legend in the Midwest bass scene, so you absolutely can’t miss him at Michigan’s crown festival, Electric Forest. His freeform space bass will take you to another planet, with psychedelic and hip-hop elements amongst constant vibrating basslines. I first experienced Space Jesus a few months ago at Lost Lands, where he unleashed all the trippy bass and wonky beats you could possibly imagine, leaving us all in awe.

He just dropped an insane joint EP with Digital Ethos titled Mars, showcasing his prowess in experimental and freeform bass. He also has a ton of dope collaborations with Wakaan label boss Liquid Stranger, including their newest, anxiously awaited track “Dragonhawks” that was released as a part of the Wakaan ‘Heavy Convoy’ Collection. That drop is out of this world!


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Buku is an artist I’ve been dying to see for years, as I’ve been obsessing over his undulating and perfectly produced bass music. His creative genius when it comes to production is unmatched, bringing in captivating sounds all over the spectrum into his tracks, taking dubstep to new heights. His track “Front To Back” has been one of my favorites since it dropped last year and has received lots of love from the bass community, even receiving a remix from the one and only Bassnectar.

Known for his mastery when it comes to drums, if you listen closely you’ll hear impeccable drumlines, beats, and kicks setting the tone for each and every one of his tracks. I can’t wait to see what his set is like; he plays Sunday night right before REZZ and Bassnectar, so it’s sure to be a night filled with some of the best bass music has to offer.



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Headlining the Bassrush curated event on Friday of both weekends of Electric Forest, Shark Squad’s very own Jauz is about to bring some serious heat to his prime-time sets. While some people were upset that he was the replacement for the original Bassrush headliner Datsik, Jauz assured everyone that he would give Forest a seriously heavy set.

While I love how Jauz knows no bounds when it comes to genres, ranging from bass house to future bass to house to dubstep, I do have to say my favorite Jauz sound is his upbeat banging dubstep. I mean it doesn’t really get better than his “PLUR Police” remix!

Needless to say, I’m beyond excited to see what Jauz brings to this more bass oriented set. With his album on the way and a few awesome singles like “Keep The Rave Alive” released already, I’m hoping Jauz will give us more tastes of what’s to come in his Forest set (and hopefully it’s more bass)!

G Jones
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G Jones

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G Jones is without a doubt one of the most talented artists in bass music today, constantly pushing boundaries and presenting us with new, otherworldly sounds in each and every new track. You’ve probably heard his bangers like “Helix” in countless bass sets, his unique acid bass sound is easily recognizable and goes off every time. G Jones also has a ton of dope collaborations with Bassnectar, including massive tunes like “Underground” and “Mind Tricks”.

The first track off his upcoming debut LP, “Understanding The Possibility”, just dropped last week, showcasing his production prowess and ability to masterfully combine hundreds of elements and melodies into one fluid track. I had the chance to see him play an unreal set at the Camp EDC Opening Party, where he dropped tons of fire from the new album. If his Forest set is anything like it, we are in for a big treat!

Boogie T

Boogie T

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Boogie T is another hero for the Midwest bass scene, destroying with his captivating, hard-hitting riddim sound. Having experienced the Midwest’s love for riddim myself at Lost Lands and many dubstep shows in Detroit, I know that Boogie T’s set is about to be absolutely packed and as wild as can be at Forest.

If you’re unfamiliar with the stripped down, wonky genre of riddim dubstep, Boogie T is an awesome introduction to the sound. As Flux Pavilion and Doctor P claimed in our interview at EDC Las Vegas, riddim is helping to bring the dubstep scene back to where it was in its heyday – so it’s definitely a genre every basshead needs to check out!

Playing DJ sets both weekends as well as a set with his live band on Weekend 2, Boogie T will be taking over Forest with his choppy riddim and funky bass guitar. You don’t want to miss him in the place where his music thrives most, amongst the wooks of Electric Forest!

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