Space Jesus & Digital Ethos Take a Trippy Bass Journey to ‘Mars’

space jesus digital ethos mars ep

Experimental bass geniuses Space Jesus and Digital Ethos teamed up for their Mars EP, and it is truly out of this world!

Space Jesus and Digital Ethos have finally released their highly anticipated Mars EP – though only two tracks, it is a freeform force to be reckoned with. Debuted just before Space Jesus’ appearances at both weekends of Electric Forest, these are two infectious tracks that will reach their alien bass tentacles deep within your brain and never let go.

“This Is A Signal” and “Gang Fire” are the two tracks on the EP, each carrying a different energy and ripply bass goodness that will trigger your bass face all the same. Mars equally displays both the unique styles of Space Jesus and Digital Ethos, who has collaborated with the likes of Bassnectar. Get your copy of Mars on your favorite platform today and read on for a deeper look into this EP!

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Mars begins with my favorite of the two tracks: “This Is A Signal”.

The tune starts off with a series of robotic clicks and warbles sounding as if they’re submerged underwater. The tempo winds up and sonic blades whirl excitedly as the audio comes to a halt and a voice says, “This is a signal.” What ensues is a slippery, extraterrestrial trill backed by snared bass. The track gives the feeling of aliens plotting their Earth invasion: it’s ominous, scheming, and aurally addicting.

“Gang Fire” begins with echoed commentary and an atmospheric sense to it before turning into shreds of distorted bass knocking with a fierce energy. It’s almost like the alien invasion carefully thought out in “This Is A Signal” manifests itself in “Gang Fire”. I can definitely feel my body snatched with each quaking stutter of sticky freeform bass.

Lovers of heavy bass and experimental wobbles won’t be able to get enough of Mars. If you’re heading to Electric Forest, be sure to stop by Space Jesus’ set and witness these tracks live! If you’re not attending, no problem – just grab your headphones, tune in, and let the atmospheric bass cast its spell.

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