Markus Schulz - Watch The World Deluxe Edition

Watch The World marked a stunning transition in the career of Markus Schulz as he took the lead as writer and co-writer for every track on the album and next month, Markus takes Watch The World one giant step further!

Recently, the world has been ablaze with a focus on Dakota and The Nine Skies project. But, Markus Schulz has been brewing up something extra special for his loyal fan base, preparing the final chapter for 2016’s hit record Watch The World. The Deluxe Edition will be revealed next month on October 6, delivering extended versions for each and every track, including a very special second disc packed full of explosive Watch The World remixes, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Markus Schulz’ Watch The World (Deluxe Edition) is available for pre-order by clicking here!

Two new anthems have been added to the already impressive tracklist. The first sees the hypnotic songbird Adina Butar, a familiar and adored artist who has worked closely with Markus Schulz on many of his greatest hits, taking the vocal spotlight on “New York City [Take Me Away]”. The second edition takes listeners on a fourteen-minute expedition to ethereal bliss as “Luca Prime” (translated as first light) nods to Markus’ experience at Tomorrowland 2017 with his mainstage daybreak set, packed full of tantalizing builds that will get dance enthusiasts begging for more!

Stream Markus Schulz – “New York City” [Take Me Away] (Extended Mix) featuring Adina Butar on SoundCloud:

On the remix front, Markus came up with a well thought out plan that would pay homage to each piece individually as well as the album as a whole.

With musical stylings that range from the very deep to the ultra uplifting, each reinterpretation is brought to fruition by some of the greatest members of the Coldharbour crew including Dave Neven, Nifra, Solid Stone, and Fisherman & Hawkins. But it isn’t just the Coldharbour crew who gets to have all the fun! Some of the biggest names in the trance industry have come forward to lend their creative genius including Solarstone, Kyau & Albert, 4 Strings, Standerwick, Gai Barone, and Amir Hussain.

To find a divine balance of sound and open up the world to new and inspired vision, some of the most electrifying trance up-and-comers were invited to get in on all of the action including Dream Sequence, Claus Backslash, Daxson, and Artisan & Dawn. Not wanting to box the album into just one genre, Watch The World has even taken on the sounds of electro-pop with We Rabbitz on “I Hear You Calling”, and dishes out some tropical house chill with “Summer Dream” as JackLNDN takes hold of the creative reigns.

This is what Markus Schulz had to say about the inspiration behind the creation of the Deluxe Edition:

“My frame of mind was very much in the song-oriented and radio-based zone. As a DJ though you never really lose connection with the club potential of music – no matter what its tone. With hindsight, I realise I was already making plans, subconsciously, for extensions and remixes to ‘Watch The World’s music, before it was even finished. That’s a considerable part of what this Deluxe edition is all about and I’m delighted I’ve finally been able to scratch that mental itch!”

Markus Schulz

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Markus Schulz - Watch The World Deluxe Edition
Disc 1. Extended Mixes
  1. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) (Extended Mix) (5:41)
  2. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Extended Mix) (5:17)
  3. Destiny (featuring Delacey) (Original Mix) (10:10)
  4. A Better You (6:56)
  5. I Hear You Calling (featuring CAYO) (Extended Mix) (5:23)
  6. Leaving LA (featuring Nikki Flores) (Extended Mix) (6:21)
  7. Fears (with Kyau & Albert) (Extended Mix) (7:35)
  8. Facedown (featuring Soundland) (Markus Schulz Arena Mix) (7:54)
  9. Waiting (Extended Mix) (7:20)
  10. You And I (featuring Adina Butar) (Extended Mix) (6:40)
  11. Watch The World (featuring Lady V) (Extended Mix) (7:37)
  12. Summer Dream (featuring Mia Koo) (Extended Mix) (5:07)
  13. Favorite Nightmare (featuring Delacey) (Extended Mix) (7:50)
  14. Soldier (featuring Naguale) (Extended Mix) (6:23)
  15. Rewind (4:36)
  16. New York City [Take Me Away] (featuring Adina Butar) (Extended Mix) (7:45)
  17. Luce Prima (14:00)
Disc 2. Remixes
  1. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) (4 Strings Remix) (5:23)
  2. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Standerwick Remix) (5:26)
  3. Destiny (featuring Delacey) (Dream Sequence Remix) (8:24)
  4. A Better You (Daxson Remix) (6:32)
  5. I Hear You Calling (featuring CAYO) (JackLNDN Remix) (3:58)
  6. Let It Rain (featuring Helen) (Artisan Remix) (6:24)
  7. Facedown (featuring Soundland) (Solarstone Pure Mix) (8:13)
  8. Waiting (Gai Barone Remix) (8:24)
  9. You And I (featuring Adina Butar) (Dawn Remix) (9:06)
  10. Watch The World (featuring Lady V) (Claus Backslash Remix) (7:37)
  11. Summer Dream (featuring Mia Koo) (We Rabbitz Remix) (3:47)
  12. Favorite Nightmare (featuring Delacey) (Fisherman & Hawkins Remix) (6:11)
  13. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) (Dave Neven Remix) (7:58)
  14. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Amir Hussain Remix) (7:15)
  15. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Nifra Remix) (6:13)
  16. Destiny (featuring Delacey) (Solid Stone Remix) (7:19)
  17. Markus Schulz featuring Delacey – Destiny (Kyau & Albert Remix)

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Maria first fell in love with electronic music in the early 2000's when she heard a little tune called "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi. Since then she has dived head first into the scene and become passionate about the trance, techno, and tech house genre's. Festival's like EDC, Dreamstate, and TomorrowWorld hold the key to her soul and dance music will always and forever be a major part of her life.

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