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Talla 2XLC

In honor of #TranceGiving, aka Dreamstate SoCal 2016, we want attendees to have the opportunity to get to know the talent who will be our “Trancegiving Tour Guides”. Each week, we will feature bio’s of four Dreamstate DJ’s as well as a set from one of their latest events or some recent releases so you can get to know them better. Next in our series is… Talla 2XLC! 

Talla 2XLC:

German based producer, Andreas Tomalla, or as we know him, Talla 2XLC, has done a lot more than just produce amazing music for listeners worldwide. His extensive background in the scene reaches far past that. Starting DJing in the 1980’s, Talla 2XLC can be considered a legend in the industry. In 1984, he started an event called Technoclub which was the first club event in Frankfurt, Germany to focus specifically on electronic music. Over the next 6 years, the event grew so large that it spanned a few different venues, including the historical Dorian Gray nightclub. In the 80’s, he started two projects, Robotiko Rejekto and Bigod 20. Bigod 20 hit it big and became a huge EBM group in Europe in the 90’s. He has also been part of other groups including Trance Allstars, Moskwa TV, and Axodry. In 1989, Andreas co-founded the label New Zone which was focused primarily on the New Beat sound. While DJ’ing through the 90’s and running New Zone, he also ran the label Dynamo. At one point in his career, he was running eight labels out of Germany, including the two well-known labels Suck me Plasma and Tetsuo.

Andreas has also had many accomplishments in the studio. “Can You Feel the Silence”, produced in 2002, reached #14 on the German Top 100 Sales Chart. “No Inbetween”, produced with Ace Da Brain, was one of the biggest tracks in 2007 and received support from Paul Van Dyk, Armin Ban Buuren, and more. One of my favorite tracks by Talla 2XLC, “Shine”, was released in 2007. I absolutely love the club mix of the track and recommend listening to it if you have not done so already.

Talla 2XLC can be heard on Afterhours.FM on the first Friday of each month for his “Addicted to Trance” radio show. He has been hard at work playing many shows across Europe and Asia and will be closing out a successful November with us at Dreamstate SoCal. He is one artist legend on the lineup that I just cannot miss. I’m really excited for his set, and will absolutely be in tears if he plays “Shine”. Catch him at the Timeless Stage on Saturday!

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