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Oolacile Blurs the Line Between Wonky and Melodic with “Kandi”

Hot off Bassrush Records, Oolacile's "Kandi" combines elements of classic EDM bops with intricate dubstep drops. Stream inside!

Kandi Etiquette: The Guide to Trading for First Timers

For those that are new to the scene, we've compiled the best tips and etiquette for trading kandi.
Richard Hoffmann Lost Lands Perler Creator

ID Culture || Meet Richard Hoffmann, Lost Lands Perler Creator

Earlier this week, we discovered an amazing, creative, and detailed perler inspired by the Lost Lands Music Festival. After...

#EDC20 ID Spotlight || Alli & Matt Salcedo

The #IDSpotlight on Alli & Matt Salcedo is part of our #EDC20 Series in the leadup to the 20th Anniversary of Insomniac Event's Electric Daisy Carnival!
Kandi Ideas #EDC20

Need Some Kandi Ideas For #EDC20?

One tradition of the rave culture here in the United States has been kandi. In celebration of the twenty...
Eat Sleep Rave Repeat Island of Capri

Kandi, Festivals, and the State of the Rave Nation

Everyone is posting about yet another story that has been produced about how the "rave culture" is being banned...

Dreamscape Festival || Lineup Revealed + Kandi Picnic Information

The full Dreamscape Festival lineup is out! For those of you in the DMV area, get your camping gear...

ID Spotlight: Emily Tran

I dont know if I ever 'started' with the electronic scene, I always felt as if if was a...

ID Spotlight: Jessie Bear Monteiro

My name is Jessie; people also call me Jessie Bear. I am 23 years old, and I have been...

ID Spotlight: Justin Gerstner

EDM and its events create a world without boundaries, an unfiltered version of reality. Where people are free to...