Bamboo Bass Festival

Bamboo Bass Festival Was A Nonstop Jam-Packed Costa Rican Jungle Adventure

Bamboo Bass Festival was a viciously exhilarating bass music odyssey that destroyed my body and revived my soul.
Bamboo Bass Festival 2017

Gina’s Top Five Must-See Artists at Bamboo Bass Festival 2018

Bamboo Bass and Sleeveless Records have teamed up to curate a lineup of epic measures, bringing out artists in the Sleeveless Fam and beyond! 
The Landing

The Landing || January 21-27, 2018

Welcome to The Landing, EDM Identity's weekly post highlighting fresh tracks you may have missed! Since the introduction of streaming...
JLEON Releases New EP Nerve Damage

Artist Spotlight || JLEON

JLEON discusses his new EP Nerve Damage , working with Stylust Beats, and stops by for EDMID Guest Mix 082! In...
JLEON Releases New EP Nerve Damage

JLEON Brings the Bass with New EP ‘Nerve Damage’

Costa Rican bass alchemist JLEON is piercing the North American bass music realm with his newest EP Nerve Damage,...