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Jkyl & Hyde

Jkyl & Hyde Gives Us The Lowdown on “Celestial”

After the release of his latest tune on Subsidia, "Celestial," bass artist Jykl & Hyde swung by to chat about its creation and more.
Jkyl & Hyde

Jkyl & Hyde are Bringin’ a “Ruckus” on New Single

Dynamic bass duo Jkyl & Hyde combine their classic, heavy sound with a touch of riddim on their newest single "Ruckus."
Jkyl & Hyde

Run “Away” with Jkyl & Hyde’s New Single

Heavy bass duo Jkyl & Hyde lean into a more melodic sound on their mesmerizing new single "Away" off their forthcoming EP.
Jkyl & Hyde

Jkyl & Hyde Throw Down Massive Bass on ‘Shell Tha Place/Distortion’ EP

Dynamic bass duo Jkyl & Hyde deliver a monstrous, two-track EP, Shell Tha Place/Distortion, that's landed on Bassrush Records.