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Category: The Lowdown

The Lowdown || Nick Martin

Meet Armada Music’s most recent rising artist, Nick Martin! Hailing from the city of Athens in Greece, Nick Martin is ready to take on the 2017 music scene after signing with Armada Music earlier this year. He began his DJ career playing in clubs with his crates of vinyl before switching over to USBs in 2011. Once Nick got his first international DJ gig playing at the Marquee Las Vegas he could only get bigger and bigger. His first huge hit, “Red Lion”, received love from many artists in the scene. Since then he has been working with other artists such...

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The Lowdown || Steve Void

From releasing hit new singles to touring the world, Steve Void has had an incredible year and is going nowhere but up. If you love the happy, tropical vibes of Matoma and Kygo, you’ll be excited to discover Steve Void, an artist of similar style but his own distinguished sound. He began producing at a young age of 15 in his hometown of the Netherlands, and since then has made a name for himself with huge remixes of tracks like “Shades of Grey,” “Can’t Feel My Face,” and “False Alarm.” On top of that, he has released his own...

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The Lowdown || ANGELZ

ANGELZ, a house producer with a distinct style, sat down with EDM Identity at Beyond Wonderland to talk about his upcoming projects, how he made the jump from Def Jam producer to DJ, and more! ANGELZ, is a French-Canadian DJ that has been absolutely smashing the dance music scene. His quality and distinctive style garnered the attention of Tchami. ANGELZ has had numerous releases on Tchami’s record label, Confession, and his songs have gotten thousands and thousands of plays. Upon first listen, you’re instantly hooked with the groovy and catchy basslines that ANGELZ puts in his songs. He sat down...

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The Lowdown || George Smeddles

Get to know rising tech house star George Smeddles and listen to his newest EP, Baby Drums! London-based rising star tech house DJ/producer George Smeddles is making quite a name for himself. 2017 is already shaping up to be a massive year for him with the successful release his Zulu EP with pal and Resonance Records co-owner Max Chapman, which raced up to #2 on the Beatport Tech-House charts and never looked back. Smeddles’ unique brand of tech house infuses punchy basslines with mellow, entrancing melodies that are certain to keep you grooving well into the night. Despite being a relative newcomer to the scene, he has...

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The Lowdown || Clovis XIV

Get the lowdown on rising French artist, Clovis XIV and listen to his fresh EP, Golden Hours! Based out of Los Angeles but hailing from France, Clovis XIV is an artist that is on the rise and everyone should keep their ears on. Beginning his career as a drummer in bands Sna-fu Grand Désordre Orchestre and Mustard Pimp, his background has led him to create some epic beats for the electronic music world now. Transforming into the solo project Clovis XIV after his house in Versailles went up in flames, he recovered a Roland Groovebox that became the new start...

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The Lowdown || Rad Cat

Get the lowdown on fresh San Diego-based Artist, Rad Cat! When looking at the CRSSD Festival Spring Lineup for this year, we saw plenty of names that were massive stars. These are artists that play the festival circuit quite regularly, and as someone who likes to find new talent and quality beats…sometimes you have to dig a little. Fast forward to crawling through the names playing this spring, looking for some new beats and cool acts to check out. Compiling names to check out later, we came across one that stuck out above the rest, Rad Cat. Starting there,...

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