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dalek one

Dalek One Brings Deep Dubstep to 19K with ‘Run That’ EP

Dalek One is out for blood and heads to Dirt Monkey's 19K imprint with four bestial deep dubstep cuts on his new 'Run That' EP.

Mport Lays Down ‘Electric’ and Wobbly Sounds on New EP

Mport delivers an epic display of weird and wonky sounds in his latest EP Electric, out now on Dirty Monkey's imprint 19k.
Dirt Monkey

Dirt Monkey Offers Up Massive Wubs on ‘Dirt Monkey & Friends’ EP

Dirt Monkey enlists TYNAN, Boogie T and more to churn up some wonky beats on his new Dirt Monkey & Friends EP, out now on 19K!
Drop In - Don't Stop

Mysterious Newcomer Drop In Crash Lands with Debut Single “Don’t Stop”

Though mysterious musical newcomer Drop In is incognito, their dance-able debut track "Don't Stop" is sure to spark some serious curiosity!