Mysterious Newcomer Drop In Crash Lands with Debut Single “Don’t Stop”

Drop In - Don't Stop

Though mysterious musical newcomer Drop In is incognito, their dance-able debut track “Don’t Stop” is sure to spark some serious curiosity!

Everyone loves a fresh face in house music – the excitement of a new take on one of the most staple sound in electronic music is palpable. But when that face is unknown to the world, things get even more titillating. Drop In is the newest name in the bass house game, and their take on house music is certain to make a noticeable landing in the scene sooner than later.

With big plans to keep things bass-driven and bouncy, their sound satiates a spectrum of electronic music lovers all over the spectrum – and their debut track “Don’t Stop” is hard proof. Drop In just dropped it on Dirt Monkey’s label 19K and the song is a bold bass house banger with some serious bounce, so it was only proper that we inquired about the creative process of this tremendous tune.

Basically, we just sat down and it happened…we wanted to create something with a driving groove, fun but simple sound design, and some nice organic elements (bongos). It actually came together quite fast, which made us realize that this is a project that really needs to be a thing now.

Listen to “Don’t Stop” on Spotify or your preferred platform, and read on for more insight on the tune from this mysterious artist!

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As soon as you hear the track, “Don’t Stop” seems like an appropriate name for their debut tune.

The song takes the listener on a riveting ride through shuffle-worthy beats and just the right amount of wubs, making it a party that we really don’t want to stop. So curiosity rose about how the alias of Drop In was chosen as well.

“Drop In came to us in the middle of writing this song. It represents the idea of dropping in and fully committing to whatever you set your mind to. When you drop into a wave, quarter pipe, etc – your mind simply CANNOT wander, or else you will inevitably eat shit. We like to apply this principle to our music,” they said, giving insight on the creation of the name.

In these crazy times, it feels good to clear the mind and focus on the task at hand with no distractions, which in this case for us is bouncy house beats. When we stumbled upon the “Don’t Stop” vocal it just clicked that this is how we launch the project into the world – Drop in, don’t stop – words to live by.

Though they’ve only released one track so far, it’s pretty clear that Drop In has set the tone for the kind of sound they want to achieve with this certifiably fresh project. Speaking about the direction they dug into “We love all types of house, so our music definitely reflects it. Bass house with a classic Chicago house vibe seems to be what we’re gravitating towards.”

But after just one taste, we’re already left wanting more of that bangin’ house energy, so we wondered what the near future holds for Drop In as well. Their response? “At the moment we are just riding some vibes in the studio and stacking up music… Expect a steady stream of singles and probably an EP in 2021.”

Be on the lookout for the next drop from Drop In, because from the sounds of it they are hard at work whipping up some dance-worthy releases in the coming months.

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