Rinzen Sounds the Alarm with ‘Passive Aggressive Robot’


Rinzen takes his talents back to his home at Desert Hearts Black with his brand new, brain-bending EP, Passive Aggressive Robot!

Rinzen is certainly no stranger to the Desert Hearts Black label, responsible for unleashing some of the most unique beats on the brand including Torus alongside Marbs and Evan Casey, Resonate, and a remix of Township Rebellion’s Mosaik.” His eclectic techno flavors make him a true force to be reckoned with, and his fans can’t help but vibrate with excitement whenever they find out more Rinzen music has arrived. Luckily today is one of those days with the unveiling of his latest EP, Passive Aggressive Robot!

This house and techno maestro pulls out all the stops to ensure listeners leave the experiences he creates in awe, so let’s get into some of the highlights. The title track begins with a clear warning and the simple suggestion to “turn back,” which will have you pulling in closer to the speakers. The edgy industrial undertones perfectly compliment the clear robotic vocal structure, filling the room with apocalyptic rave vibes as the curiosity to ignore the alert gets the better of everyone.

There comes a point in which the perplexed robot reacts to the idea that you would even want to continue moving forward, and you can’t help but chuckle as sirens double down on the impending doom. Ultimately, a final warning is offered, and an unhinged percussion solo leads listeners into the final drop, where they’re met with trippy sound bytes that place the brain in a chokehold.

The Dark Arts” is equally mesmerizing, crafted with a slow burn so that the body can comfortably engage in a debaucherous dance session. The hymn-like quality of the vocal burrows its way through the subconscious, pulling you into a sideways dimension as the calculated rhythm works its dark magic on the soul. While there may be less going on with this track than its counterpart, the smoky atmosphere makes it the perfect selection if your greatest desire is to lose yourself in the dark of the night.

Grab your copy of Passive Aggressive Robot on Beatport and stream the EP on Spotify! If you haven’t already, grab your tickets to Rinzen’s five-hour warehouse set in LA on August 13, featuring a special b2b between Anakim and DHB co-founder Evan Casey!

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Rinzen - Passive Aggressive Robot EP

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