Marbs, Rinzen, & Evan Casey - 'Torus'

Two months after the Desert Hearts Black launch announcement, Marbs, Rinzen, and Evan Casey deliver the extreme late-night essence of Torus!

Tonight will go down in history as Marbs and Evan Casey make Desert Hearts Black come to life in downtown Los Angeles with a launch party that fans have been anticipating ever since the label announcement two months ago. So, while you gear up to head out for your much-needed groove session, it is time that we sink our senses into the music that will inspire future releases on the blossoming house and techno label. Of course, I speak of the Torus EP, a collaborative stunner between Desert Hearts Black label heads and beloved artist Rinzen.

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Featuring three mind-warping offerings meant to beckon the creatures of the night, it is hard not to obsess over the heart-stopping trippy vibe of the title track “Torus“, graciously released ahead of the full package. Today, we couldn’t be more stoked with the auditory adventure unfolding within our eardrums as these artists have pulled out all the stops to ensure that Desert Hearts Black leaves a lasting impression on our body, mind, and soul, for many moons to come.

Grab your copy of Torus on Beatport and make sure to secure your tickets for tonight’s Desert Hearts Black Label Launch Party!

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Strap yourself in for a wild ride into the depths of Desert Hearts Black.

We begin with “Torus”, a guttural display of the dark qualities that define the label through and through. As the hair raising melodic detail whisks us into a state of raw euphoric release, it is the chug of the bassline that draws our feet to the dance floor. This is an offering that will convince our body to move with a sultry flow, simple yet profound, bringing the heat as we drop deep down into the underground. In a nutshell, “Torus” is the embodiment of what lies within the deepest crevice of our unconscious psyche.

As we move on to “ARK V1”, the energy begins to boil over, bringing us into a domain where nightmares are born.

With a chiming instrumental detail over a plethora of other-worldly waveforms, the boys hold strong to the rabbit hole splendor of the label. What makes “ARK V1” stand out is the heightened presence of billowing synth details that crescendo, echo, and reverberate out of the speakers in a way that has my mind doing somersaults out of respect for the grand genius of the Desert Hearts Black crew.

We round out the package with “Helix” and by now I have a clear understanding of the deep effect that Desert Hearts Black will have on its fanbase.

As a label built around the late-night moments, right before the sun makes an appearance over the horizon, “Helix” sneaks in to manifest the brooding complexion found in the shifting of time. This track has fast become my favorite of the lot as the layered ethereal synths kidnap my soul as I become completely hypnotized. And with one hell of a massive breakdown, we can be assured that this one is going to do serious damage on the dance floor!

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Marbs, Rinzen, & Evan Casey - Torus

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