We Tested RollKit Supplements And Here’s What We Found


With countless festival-focused health supplements on the market, RollKit takes a unique approach that deserves your consideration.

Music festivals and raves have a particularly unique culture. Things like PLUR, kandi, and the community of “chosen family” cannot be beaten. And then there are the recreational drugs. While not a requirement by any means, we need to acknowledge that “just say no” isn’t the right approach, and festival goers and ravers often partake. This is why we keep talking about testing your drugs and also about supplements. Rather than “just say no,” we’d like to share knowledge that helps people stay as safe as possible.

There are a lot of important things to consider when taking recreational drugs, and testing is among the most important. Supplements generally focused on your well-being after your experience don’t often get a lot of attention. But how you come down and then feel after usage can be important too.

There are a ton of supplements out there, and most provide some value, but the marketplace is also terribly confusing. Marketing supplements include many AP Chemistry (or Breaking Bad) sounding terms that make no sense to most of us. And the ones that try to simplify this often go too far in the other direction, providing no real understanding of what’s in them or how they perform. Today, let’s take a look at RollKit, a supplement aimed at the MDMA user that takes a fairly novel approach.

It started with making DIY supplement packs for our friends and now thousands have them around the globe. Designing Roll Kit’s easy-to-follow packaging was crucial since these supplements are far more effective when taken at the right intervals. We also found that available products on the market had insufficient active ingredient counts or included 5-HTP, a potentially dangerous addition. We’re proud to say our supplements are produced in our home state of New York and that so far we’ve donated over $30,000 towards MAPS.org’s mission of advancing psychedelic research and therapy.”

— Parker Place, RollKit Founder

There are a few things that set RollKit apart immediately:

  1. RollKit supplements are primarily taken BEFORE you roll
  2. Packaging separates and clearly labels when each capsule is to be taken
  3. Instructions are clear and take into account the realities of how users take supplements
  4. 5-HTP is nowhere to be found
  5. These are proudly produced at a GMP-certified facility in their home state of New York

Before testing these out, I checked in with a friend in drug science to get their take on this approach. With the disclaimer of “I didn’t try them and there are no studies,” their take was very positive. First, the ingredients selected to be taken before the MDMA are harmless to the experience and, theoretically, will help you in the days afterward. Second, a regimen that relies on taking capsules when the user is sober (rather than during or after) is more likely to be followed properly. Third, the typical 5-HTP supplements overlook a timing issue where they should NOT be taken for at least 24 hours after a roll, and most users take them immediately after.

RollKit instructions give you an “ideal” way and an “easy” way where the ideal way splits up the four DURING capsules over the time of your actual roll, while the easy way allows you to take all four at the start. This allows the user to work within their own limits and still get a good result after their roll.

I had the opportunity to test these for myself and a friend in a casual setting while giving two RollKits to friends attending festivals. I’m happy to report that all four of us reported a positive experience. My friend and I spaced out the four capsules during the roll, and those at the festival took all four at once.

In our anecdotal discussion of the results, we all reported the same lack of “Tuesday Blues” after the comedown. Two of us added a 5-HTP supplement about 30 hours after comedown. While this is not part of the RollKit experience, the founder and I had a discussion about this and he agreed that this is a safe addition.

RollKit supplements definitely deserve your consideration if you are an MDMA user.

While your mileage may vary, RollKit seems to have gotten a lot of things right about MDMA supplements. The ingredients, dosing, timing, and clear packaging and instructions are all a step above most other supplements. For that reason alone, these seem worth your consideration. Add to this the (relatively unscientific) sample of four mentioned above, and there’s good reason to believe that RollKit will help you avoid the Tuesday Blues and help you land back in your everyday life comfortably after a weekend of reveling.

Head over to RollKit.net for more information and to make your purchase if you’d like to try it for yourself.

Jared, aka JSkolie, was introduced to electronic music in the 1990’s by way of Orbital. He raved in parks and fields in South Florida where the entirety of the production was a DJ in a box truck. Now living in NYC, he attended his first Above & Beyond show in 2016 and his life has never been the same. Jared has been energized by the Trance community and its PLUR ethos. He is a supporter of harm reduction and is a DanceSafe volunteer. Jared enjoys endurance events and has danced for 12-hours straight while often recovering from raves with bike rides just as long. Or longer.