Skullduggery Digs Into the Triad on Its Third Compilation

The Art Of Skullduggery Vol. III

The Art Of Skullduggery Vol. III taps three new names – Alex Di Stefano, Zach Zlov, and EverLight – to bring the label’s sound to the masses.

In 2020 Skullduggery tapped head honcho Greg Downey and friends Beatman & Ludmilla to celebrate the sound of the label in the second volume of The Art Of Skullduggery for a two-mix affair. This style brought the energy, fervor, and strengths of both acts front and center and represented the varied nuances of the Skullduggery label well. Now, label head Greg Downey expands the formula to three mixes and leaves the compilation in the hands of his talented lineup of Alex Di Stefano, Zach Zlov, and rising talent EverLight for its third volume.

The recently departed Italian VII collective member Alex Di Stefano takes on the primary mix duties. Alex is a legend in both the techno and the trance communities – serving up delicious melodies with strong driving rhythms behind them. His works find their way onto labels like Outburst, Techburst, 1605 Music Therapy, and Binary404. For his journey on Skullduggery, Alex tees off the energy we’d expect – tracks from Rinaly, David Forbes, Asteroid, Metta & Glyde, and even some remixes out of his own catalog (including the legendary “Seven Cities” by Solarstone).

The middle mix brings in the talents of Mexican producer Zach Zlov. The mix tips the producer’s style heavy early on, featuring five originals in the first eight tracks, but do not let that fool you. Beyond familiar names like Beatman & Ludmilla and Activa, Zach taps on the talents of I.M.XPLODE, Diego Morrill, Hassan Jewel, and more. For Zach’s involvement, he has the following comment, “Being a part of Skullduggery has been the most incredible and buzzing experience in my career, and taking on this compilation mix is an honour. To the guys who made and contributed their music, huge thanks for being a part of this project!”

Rounding out the compilation with its final mix is rising star EverLight. Recently branded into the VII Collective himself, he brings a vibrant, energetic blend of techno and trance to the scene. His signature LED mask obscures his personal identity but his style still booms off the club’s walls. This also represents a sort of mix compilation debut for the budding star. For his part, he of course includes a number of originals – including a three-track wave of stunners smacked right in the center of the mix. He taps on the talents of Chris Coles & Latex Zebra, Ed Lynam, PSYB3R, Kriess Guyte, and more to aid in the sonic journey too.

One of the best things about working on a collaborative project like this is getting you’re your coolest and most talented mates involved. With this mix I wanted to deliver a slice of the techno-trance movement, which sits firmly at the heart of what I do. All loaded though with plenty of Skullduggery’s secret sauce of course! I’m sure you are going to love it, and I’d like to extend my thanks to all of you who enjoy the tracks I’ve carefully created and curated here!


Secure your copy of The Art of Skullduggery Vol. III, and let us know which mix you loved the most in the comments.

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The Art Of Skullduggery Vol. III – Tracklist:

Mix 1 – Alex Di Stefano
  1. Smith & Brown – The Virtual World
  2. Peetu S – Strings Attached
  3. David Forbes & Paul Denton – Out Of Order (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
  4. Renegade System – Weather The Storm
  5. Kriess Guyte – Fight For Your Right
  6. David Forbes – ORKA
  7. Rinaly – Blackout
  8. Tasso – No R
  9. Jody 6 – Recursive Pleasure
  10. Rated R – Hades
  11. Asteroid presents Obsidian – Arrival
  12. Systembreaker – Nightfuel
  13. Greg Downey & Alex Di Stefano – Among Us (Chris Schweizer Remix
  14. Solarstone – Seven Cities (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
  15. Daniel Skyver – We Go Again
  16. Cold Blue – Shine (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
  17. Rexanthony & Pilot Of The Dreams – City Of Light
  18. F.G. Noise – Detonate
  19. Metta & Glyde – Who We Are
  20. Jak Aggas – CT-7567
Mix 2 – Zach Zlov
  1. Zach Zlov – Starborn [Prelude]
  2. Zach Zlov – Into The Jungle
  3. Diego Morrill – Subconscious
  4. Glynn Alan – Turn This Down
  5. Tony Hang – Supernova
  6. Zach Zlov – Ergo
  7. Zach Zlov – Chemicals
  8. Zach Zlov – Nightfall
  9. Brendan Bartels – Oz
  10. I.M.XPLODE – Big Sausage Pizza
  11. Zach Zlov – I Wish
  12. Neos – Brainwashing
  13. Zach Zlov & Rated R – Skull & Bones
  14. Fisical Project – The Revenant
  15. Hassan Jewel – Tech Side
  16. Enrique Calvetty – Digital Deaf Tones
  17. Zach Zlov – Dreams
  18. Hassan Jewel & Derek Mark – Reflections (Zach Zlov Rework)
  19. Activa pres Mekk V – Rotation
  20. Beatman & Ludmilla – Terrible
  21. Zach Zlov – Noviembre [Postlude]
Mix 3 – EverLight
  1. EverLight – Renegade Bass (Smith & Brown Remix)
  2. Chris Coles & Latex Zebra – New Rave
  3. Ed Lynam – Catecholamine
  4. EverLight & Tasso pres. The Resistance – 100%
  5. Facade – Our Reptilian Overlords
  6. Smith & Brown – Trinket
  7. Blashear – Rooting
  8. EverLight – Dangerous
  9. EverLight – Raucous
  10. EverLight & John Dopping featuring Jay W – Razor Blade
  11. Greg Downey – Sense (EverLight’s Light Speed Mix)
  12. Stoneface & Terminal – Beast In The Machine (EverLight’s Blackout Mix)
  13. R.E.L.O.A.D. – I Choose To Dance
  14. Kriess Guyte – What A Rush
  15. PSYB3R – The King
  16. Robert Curtis – Follow Me
  17. Blashear – Future Self
The Art Of Skullduggery Vol. III

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