PSYB3R Drives Us Down a Country Road with a Trance-Fueled Mix

Cody Cox aka PSYB3R

The journey PSYB3R embarked on in the trance scene has had its bumpy moments, but he’s always brought his creative energy home!

Every journey challenges us as individuals. We never know what comes before, during, or after our choices, yet we make them hoping to find the best outcome. Enter PSYB3R – the most recent creative outlet for one man with a passion for trance. This energetic alias drives forth trance beats with an energy that is touched only by those into the Psy-Trance genre. Getting to this place was not easy – but no journey is.

Let’s rewind the clock a bit and see the foundations laid before PSYB3R. Enter the man born with the name Cody Cox. Fresh out of the Marines, Cody found himself located in San Diego and drawn to the trance music scene of Southern California. He teamed up with fellow dance music energy lover Brian LaPierre and formed DJ M.A.D.E. (shorthand for Music All Day Everyday) as an experimental production act. The act found initial success riding the wave of Insomniac’s Discovery Project and worked with local venues to throw numerous multi-genre events.

As time marched forward, the DJ M.A.D.E. project stalled for outside reasons, and the cash flow Cody had in San Diego drove him back towards his hometown region of the Southern United States. Trekking back to Tennessee, Cody doubled down on his networking skills and production prowess. Enter the new alias PSYB3R. A passion for driving, energetic trance touched by those aforementioned psytrance influences became the fertile ground for Cody’s continued success.

That network continues to lead to solid results for Cody. He works as an operations director for the community Tranceportal, supports John Askew in the creative space known as VII (Seven), and continues to touch fan’s ears by working A&R for Rated Records. For his This Is Home mix, Cody takes us into the backcountry and lays a fine tapestry out for us in his hour-plus long journey through sound.

Listen to the latest This Is Home mix on SoundCloud below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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