Bruno Furlan Pumps Out Two Body Moving Tunes on Hot Creations

Bruno Furlan

Bruno Furlan makes The Speakers Pump Like This, with a two-track EP on Hot Creations that shows how hot his creations really are.

Brazilian DJ and producer Bruno Furlan has quickly become a highlight in the Brazilian electronic music scene and has the tech house community in his grips. He continues sending waves across the Atlantic with his body moving beats in tow by performing shows in his home country and in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Florida. 

Since breaking onto the scene, Bruno Furlan has released on labels such as Dirtybird, House of Hustle, Club Sweat, and South of Saturn, and now he’s set his sights on Hot Creations for his latest two-tracker, The Speakers Pump Like This. Speaking about the release, he said that they both “have 100%” of his identity and were “the two most difficult songs [he’d] ever produced.”

The title track arrives first with its sounds that will immediately take you to a makeshift club, wherever you might be listening to it. The leading vocal cut pumps with energy the entire way, while the synths draw your attention to the fast and lively tempo. This tech house track is one that’s sure to get you in a groove.

Then, Bruno Furlan shows off even more of his unique style by following up with “Moving.” The B-side brings a bassline that will jolt your feet into a frenzy as its hypnotic elements build with vocal flairs, and when paired with the steady, crisp kick drum patterns, it’s sure to have “everybody move their body” to the beat.

Both songs were made with a lot of love. I hope you feel it and jump, throw your hands up and sing the whole time.

Bruno Furlan

Stream this two-track EP from Bruno Furlan on Spotify, or your preferred streaming platform, and tell us which track got you the most pumped in the comments!

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Bruno Furlan - The Speakers Pump Like This

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