ASHE Whisks Listeners Away with ‘Ninsei/Moth’


Dive into the immersive electronic soundscapes of ASHE as Toronto-based artist unveils “Ninsei” and “Moth” on his Ocean Dark imprint.

Canadian DJ and producer ASHE has continued to impress with his calming soundwaves that pulse through bodies and are littered with unique elements that stir up imagery in the mind. This distinguished artist is no stranger to the studio and his fantastic releases have graced labels like mau5trap, Emercive Recordings, and Understated Recordings, along with his own imprint, Ocean Dark.

One thing has been made clear over the years, ASHE has innovative, eclectic music to share with the masses. Today, he’s continued to deliver some sonic serenity in the form of his latest two tracks on the Ninsei / Moth EP that’s landed on his growing imprint Ocean Dark.

Lead track “Ninsei” brings out a hearty helping of sensory nostalgia that rushes into the mind, body, and soul. This soundscape reaches stunning heights that inspire to go beyond the horizon of the physical world, immediately uplifting the heart with its soft atmospheric layers. Oscillating pads surround the spirit in a way that can’t be unheard after it’s in full swing to further whisk listeners away before the powerful, shuffling rhythm whisks everyone away in a whimsical manner.

ASHE then ushers in a meditative state and creates a counteractive rhythm with “Moth.” The first seconds of this tune will have listeners kicking with energy as the quirky-hitting kicks create a zesty flavor in the drum rack of sounds. The eclectic sounds only further satiate the wanderlust of the ears as the tune progresses, especially when a hypnotic melody presents itself to listeners to create a sense of unity and wonder simultaneously.

‘Ninsei’ and ‘Moth’ are a bit of an unlikely pairing. I wrote both of them nearly 3 years apart from each other. Always looking for the perfect sister track, I achieved that when writing ‘Moth’ which is a strangely optimistic song in very uncertain times. I really wanted to make a statement by myself by releasing both tracks on my label Ocean Dark. I feel more and more a divide forming in the industry when it comes to a digital representation of music. Also, it felt appropriate as these two songs are truly what I’ve desired to write for so long but have never had an open avenue.


Listen to the Ninsei / Moth EP on Spotify below, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and let us know what your thoughts are on the latest from ASHE.

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Ashley is a passionate artist from Orange County that loves to escape into Los Angeles to dance any chance she can. Ashley's flair for music started at the young age of six when she received her first Casio keyboard to start her self-discovery through the sound. In High School, she began to learn guitar, write songs, and attended many shows to discover new genres. Her first memory of electronic music is attributed to her parents during a road trip, where her father played Moby in the car. Music helped her grow personally and professionally while studying to earn her Bachelor's of Fine Art degrees in Creative Photography and Illustration at California State University of Fullerton. Jamie xx, Tycho, Ratatat, and Above and Beyond are some of her favorite artists. You can find her in the crowd, grooving, and sharing genuine smiles wherever she goes.