Beatport Acquires Technology Giant Ampsuite

Beatport Ampsuite

Beatport has acquired music industry tech company Ampsuite to help creators and labels grow earnings and reach new fans.

Online retailer and leader in the dance music community, Beatport continues its winning streak by expanding its offering for labels via an acquisition of UK-based company Ampsuite. With this latest deal, Beatport plans to use the tech company’s DIY software tools, including asset management, accounting, and promotion to advance professional services to help creators and labels alike grow profit and audience. 

Over the past few years, Beatport has launched new tools and programs like Beatport Hype, a space for promising labels to access promotional material, and LabelBase, a center that offers information and valuable resources to label users. The agreement with Ampsuite will further leverage the opportunities for the existing clientele and attract more rising DJs and independent imprints.

We admire the SaaS products that ampsuite has built and believe that our entire community of artists, labels and distributors can benefit from a more seamless integration with the Beatport ecosystem. We have a very unique relationship with our content partners and DJs of all types around the world, and this expanding set of tools and services will only help to accelerate growth for our entire community over the next few years.

Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport

Ampsuite will continue to operate through its existing management team and provide a wider range of distribution services to other digital outlets, while simultaneously being managed by Beatport’s Music Services division led by industry veteran Alex Branson. The future looks bright for these partnering heavyweights in electronic music.

Stay up to date with the latest happenings on Beatport and its new partner, Ampsuite, by checking out their websites and social media pages. Expect more to come from both online retailers.

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