ZEKE BEATS Makes Jaws Drop with ‘Digital Death’ EP

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Australian dubstep phenom ZEKE BEATS crushes souls with his bass heavy Digital Death EPout now on Cyclops Recordings.

ZEKE BEATS has paved his way in the bass community with his futuristic sound and innovative mentality. Pushing boundaries, he’s made himself a staple in the scene after dropping his debut EP, Meltdown, back in 2016. Since then, ZEKE BEATS has been gaining the recognition he deserves with praise from other artists such as Mr. Carmack, The Glitch Mob, and G-Rex. Further, he’s shown off his immense skills as a turntablist at high-profile festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo, and the headbanger capital Lost Lands.

This year, ZEKE BEATS continues to be a major contributor to today’s bass scene. Now, after announcing that he’s set to embark on a headlining tour in March and also play Forbidden Kingdom this coming May, he’s unveiled his latest collection of high-energy sounds on the Digital Death EP.

Digital Death is a three-track EP that is nothing short of soul-shocking. ZEKE BEATS kicks off the release with “Psycho,” which quite literally exemplifies what it feels like to lose your mind. Its upbeat taps, synths, and snares keep the frantic pace while each bass drop is more intense than the last. If you want a heavy bass track that keeps you on your toes, this is the one for you.

This EP is very high energy. As always, I’m continuously striving to push the envelope to bring something unique and special to the table — enjoy.


The second track, “Error,” perfectly exemplifies ZEKE BEATS ability to combine digitized vocals with intense synths to create a soundscape that feels like it was ripped straight out of the metaverse. Last but certainly not least, “Self Destruct” pulls elements from the other tracks together for a final sound extraction from this mastermind. Quite literally what one might imagine a system would sound like before it reaches its own digital death, there’s not a predictable sound throughout its entirety – and that’s what makes this tune truly unique.

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ZEKE BEATS – Digital Death EP – Tracklist:

  1. Psycho
  2. Error
  3. Self Destruct
ZEKE BEATS - Digital Death EP

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