Eli & Fur Stun with Remixes from ‘Found In The Wild’

Eli & Fur

Eli & Fur offer up nine fresh cuts from their debut album Found In The Wild (Remixed) that will have listeners find their groove.

Over the years, Eli & Fur has become a powerhouse duo in the house and techno realm with impressive releases and performances that have left many stunned. Earlier this year the two embarked on their biggest project yet with the release of their debut album Found in the Wild, which landed on Anjunadeep and certainly didn’t disappoint. Now they’re bringing a darker, sultry flavor to tracks off the album by looking to a flurry of artists to further melt the minds of listeners with Found In The Wild (Remixed).

Out now across all platforms, Found In The Wild (Remixed) re-introduces sounds that tease the senses, while allowing everyone to peer deeper into their minds across its nine tracks at the same time. Each remix stirs the mind while washing listeners through a unique narrative – and if you listen carefully, the frequencies will transport you over a coastal journey.

Starting off the trek is Maya Jane Coles who sets a fast tempo and ominous elements with her take on “Come Back Around.” This remix pairs rolling basslines with sustained tones to create a mysterious atmosphere, almost like peering through the clouds and seeing the unknown. Marsh brings his take on “Wild Skies” next to bring a touch of brightness like rays beaming down from the sky. Then, listeners will “Walk The Line” on the clouds as minimal production arrives from Themba with rich hi-hats and stylized delayed shimmers vibrating throughout the soundscape. It soothes the heart similar to the refreshing sea.

The mood continues with “Come Back Around” once again, this time with Eli & Fur twisting it with a club mix which gives balance to the melody with heavy hitting bass that plummets listeners into the depths of the sea. Then, listeners are brought back to breathe fresh air with MOLØ‘s take on “Wild Skies” and its offering of airy delays that uplift the senses with emotion and rest with repeated vocals. Leaning into the vulnerability, the remix of “Broken Parts” by Fur Coat elevates the mind into the cosmos with arpeggios and deep bass that gravitates the conscious into a mental vortex.

Then, Polar Inc.’s cut of “Carbon” grounds listeners back into the atmosphere with poetic piano keys and a shifting downtempo to focus on the lyrics and emotion through the song. As we reach the remix album’s end, a techno twist arrives from Francesca Lombardo as she spins a fresh take on “In Too Deep” that amplifies the full body with filtered vocals and stepping up the tempo to a pace that’s contagious. Finally, Ben Yang brings his remix of “Fire To Fire” front and center to bring this release to a close. This one burns with joy and is sure to electrify the soul each time the replay button is pressed for fine-tuning happiness.

Listen to Found In The Wild (Remixed) on Spotify or your preferred platform, stay tuned for more from this talented duoand let us know which remixed track is your favorite!

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Eli & Fur – Into the Wild (Remixed) – Tracklist:

  1. Come Back Around – Maya Jane Coles Remix
  2. Wild Skies – Marsh Remix
  3. Walk The Line – Themba Remix
  4. Come Back Around – Eli & Fur Club Mix
  5. Wild Skies – MOLØ Remix
  6. Broken Parts – Fur Coat Remix
  7. Carbon – Polar Inc. Remix
  8. In Too Deep – Francesca Lombardo Mix
  9. Fire to Fire – Ben Yang Mix
Eli & Fur Found In The Wild (Remixed)

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